Summary: a look at Philippians 3:1-11

The Mathematics of Heaven

Philippians 3: 1-11

----Resume = Resurrection

Rom. 3:20; Php. 3:7

----Resume + Relationship = Resurrection

Acts 15:11

----Resume = Rubbish

Php. 3:8 Rom 4:4-5

----Relationship = Resurrection!!

Php. 3:10

This sermon looks at four mathematical equations that Paul speaks about in Php. 3.

The first is resume = resurrection. What I do we get me to heaven. The Bible refutes this is many places not only the references I listed.

The second is my good works plus a relationship with Christ equals resurrection. Paul says throughout Philippians 3 for us to leave well enough alone and leave the saving to Christ. Faith alone brings salvation. We should not add anything to the saving work of Christ.

Paul then says resume equals rubbish. After he met Christ, he counted all of his credentials and good works as "dung" The orginal work acutally means human excrement.

Its’ worthless in Gopd’s eyes.

Finally, Paul says realtionship equals resurrection. Pauls says I want to know Christ. Know is a relationship word. Pauls says he wants to be found "in Him."

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