Summary: "You are on a journey, you can't afford to travel with a dry engine.You need oil for this journey. Jesus needed it before he began his earthly assignment" This message is about causes of spiritual dryness and how to receive the oil of God for...

We are on a journey, so long a journey. You and I cannot afford to travel with dry engine(Luke 24:49). You need oil for the journey.

Jesus needed it before he began his earthly assignment. He got it by the River of Jordan.

Oil is available only for those who are ready. Many were by Jordan but only Jesus received the oil.

When I am talking about oil, I mean the oil that will be on your head day and night—not only in the church.Yeah the oil of the Holy Spirit!

John 1:33

And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptize with the Holy Ghost

Causes of Spiritual dryness

1. The nature of our journey:Num 21:4, Exodus 13:17, 18

The journey is long.The journey is ridiculed by men.The way is not popular.

2. Our environment Ps 57:4

The people we live with. We are sheep among wolves. We need something extraordinary to survive.

3. Pleasure

1Tim 5:6, 2Peter 2:13

There is always the tendency to be at ease and blend with pleasure of our world.This of course will drive divine presence away and cause spiritual dryness.

4. Continuous disobedience to God Ps 66:8

5. Direct attack of the enemy 1Kings 19;4

Meanwhile, you can’t survive without this oil. Let’s look at this vision in Zech 4:11-12.If you study that passage very well you will find out that the oil was the reason for the light.If you want your light to shine you must do all you can to secure the oil.

What the oil does

• The oil is necessary for the light, we are the light, we can’t shine without the oil.

• Helps the vehicle of your destiny.

• It heals your wound very fast. Luke 10:34

• Commands people love and favour. SOS 1:3

• Oil makes you attractive Psalm 104:15

• The oil is a source of spiritual strength Psalm 89:20

• It commands goodness and mercy Psalm 23:5&6

How will the oil come?

• The word Deut 32:9-13

Oil is from the rock, the rock must be broken.The rock means -- the word.You can break the word by studying, meditating and application.When you live by the word the oil is sure.(Job 28:6)

• Love of righteousness Psalm 45:7-8

When you desire to live right and pursue righteousness the oil of victory is sure

• Pay for it (the 10 virgins bought their oil)

It is what you don’t pay for that you play with. Buy books and read them. Buy tapes and listen to them. Fast,wait, seek, knock, ask. Tapes won’t profit you until you listen to it over and over again.

+John Hagee said" the book that revolutionize my life, I read it 13times and I read a chapter 100times

+ A tape must be listened to six times before you can internalize the idea.

Exposure to an information will take 21days of continuous contact to take root.


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