Summary: The Mercy Seat or Atonement Cover represented the throne of God and the source of mercy. Here is where prayers were answered. The Prayer Chair is an interactive adaptation of this idea.

The Prayer Chair

From Exodus 25:16-18

Atonement Cover as Mercy Seat

A. Throne of God

B. Power of Prayer

Ill. Bob the insurance saleman.

1. New Christian

2. The Bet

3. The Dinner

4. The Kenyan Orphanage

5. Medical Supplies

6. The Celebration

7. The meeting with the Kenyan president

8. Political prisoners released

C. Support of the people of God

D. Interactive Worship (praying for one another)

At this point a chair is brought out called the mercy seat and people take turns sitting in the chair as others gather around to "lay hands on" and pray for.

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