Summary: When God created you, He had a real plan to make you succeed - How do I live out the Real Plan?

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o (clipping from Aladdin animation Movie) –

o Aladdin like most of us had a desire within him to be a fake and impress

o We all have this battle within us saying yes to

o IT’S ALL ABOUT ME – Aladdin – I want to impress this princess and make her love me – so I am willing to be a fake prince just to impress her

o IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HERE AND NOW – Aladdin – It does not matter in the long run whether people find out the Prince was actually Aladdin – but for now – I want the princess

o IT’S ALL ABOUT MY GLORY – Aladdin – I want to be the prince – so that I can impress the princess – so that I can get married to her – so that I will be the next King – it’s goes on and on – all for my glory

o Stepping out of the world of animation into the real world – this evening I want to place before you THE REAL Plan you and I were designed for.

o Even before you took your first breath on planet earth – your Life’s Engineer – architect – your creator – had a photoprint of a drawing with white lines on a blue background, especially a print in the form of an architectural plan or technical drawing – within the Drawing room of His Office – marking your first breath, your 2nd breath – 100th breath – 1st million breath – a real blueprint – on how your one life should impact life on earth – You The Original – with The Original Plan – to create The History the way only you can do

o That’s why when you were born – God watched with a smile as your delivery took place – and the doctor announced – IT’S A BOY – IT’S A GIRL

o GOD rejoiced – when you as a baby opened your eyes into the awe-struck eyes of your parents

o GOD had one eye on his blueprint on his table – and one eye on you - as a baby you took the first steps – of standing – stumbling – falling – standing – (and ticked on his blueprint – ON SCHEDULE)

o Even as you made your parents laugh, cry, yell, - as you experimented with your childish antics – God watched over with care(and ticked on his blueprint – ON SCHEDULE)

o Friends, You and me THE ORIGINAL – designed by God with a special purpose – destined by God for a particular lifestyle – directed by God to be the REAL YOU – TO LIVE A LIFE OF INFLUENCE – TO LIVE LIFE KING-SIZE

o If this evening, if you and I could take a peek in God’s Drawing Room – and discover what is the Master-Planner’s Master-plan for you – you will be awestruck at the magnitude of the plan

o I won’t be surprised if few of us will shake our heads and wonder – why why have I wasted my life thus far

o While few others will have the sushmita sen look when she won the Miss Universe – Oh my – such a huge plan

o I guarantee everyone of us will be enlightened beyond description – Is this THE ORIGINAL PLAN

o Tonight all I want to attempt to do in the few moments we have before us – is to allow ourselves a combined peek into the Master Blueprint God has for your life and my plan – THE REAL PLAN

o During the time of Grandpa Noah – Grandpa Noah was a very old man – (you won’t believe it – he is actually very old ) – God was really disappointed because nobody wanted to follow the REAL Plan – every happily followed the FAKE – except one man – who lived and walked and talked THE ORIGINAL PLAN – His name was Grandpa Noah

o In the Drawing Room of God’s Office – if God laminates blueprints of people – I am quite convinced that Grandpa Noah’s Blueprint is laminated and decorated and with a thick frame hanging with a prominent view in God’s Office

o If you take a closer view on Grandpa Noah’s blueprint – you will notice most of the checklist on his life – is ticked on schedule by God – YOU WILL NOTICE something else – you will notice an unique wiring system engraved on the Blueprint marked in red with an special arrow – The REAL PLAN

o If you take a sneak peek at your blueprint lying on God’s Grand Table – in spite of the many unchecked boxes on your blueprint – the unique wiring system is engraved on the Blueprint is marked in red with an special arrow – THE REAL PLAN

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