Summary: Even in the midst of despair, we can still hear the small, still voice of God.

The Small Still Voice

1 Kings 19:1-18

1. Even great men of faith have moments of doubt and fear

A. Elijah had seen God do great things

- Stood before Ahab and predicted drought 17:1

- Fed by Ravens and drank from the stream 17:2-6

- Cared for by the widow of Zarephath 17:7-16

- Raised the womans son back to life 17:17-24

- Showdown with the prophets of Baal 18:1-40

- The rain comes again 18:41-46

B. A good man’s troubles are many 19:1-5

- Jezebel was out to kill Elijah - boss is out to get me, creditors are closing in, etc....

- Elijah feared for his life - I’m going to lose everything

- Elijah was alone - Nobody understands, I wish I had someone to talk to

- Elijah wanted to die - I don’t think I can go on, The world would be better off....

- Elijah laid down and slept - I don’t feel like getting up to face the day

II. “A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all” Psalm 34:19

A. God used His angel to get Elijah’s attention 19:5b

- The angel touched Elijah - God’s touch get’s our attention

- The angel spoke to Elijah - God’s voice directs our focus

- God knew Elijah’s needs - God knows the journey that lies ahead

- Do you recognize the angels that God send your way? - friends, family, pastor

B. The journey was long, but God gave Elijah the endurance

- Elijah walked 40 days and nights 19:8

- God equips us for our journeys

- Elijah was being stretched - give the bow and arrow illustration

- God’s presence was the final destination of this journey - just like life

III. God knew Elijah’s heart, but he made him speak anyway

A. God knows everything about you, but he wants to hear it out of your mouth

- Elijah told God what was bothering him

B. God reveals Himself to Elijah - But God is not where Elijah thinks he will find him

- The winds came, but God was not there

- The earthquake came, but God was not in the earthquake either

- The fire came, but God was not in the fire

- Then came the quiet, gentle sound - God was near

- God is the peace in the middle of the storm

- The tranquility in turmoil

- The peace in suffering

- The comfort in sickness

C. God questions Elijah again - Elijah restates his case again

- God did not give an answer the first time - He just revealed Himself

- Elijah was now ready to hear God’s voice

- God reaffirms Elijah - 7000 others

- God gives Elijah’s enemies over - Psalm 34:15

- Elijah is given a new challenge and is ready to face it

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