Summary: God does not want us to always be in defeat,to wake up each day wining about our troubles. In this lesson you will see the three clues to have victory in your life that God wants you to know.

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(II Chronicles 13:12-19)(NCV)


Here we see how powerful it is to rely on God in times of trouble, and in all times. We see how Abijah and Judah look around them to only see that they were completely surrounded by there enemy, talk about being in trouble.

You see a lot of times satan and his demons surround you and try to distract you from Gods way of life. He will surround you with many things just to see you go back to your old ways, to see you get mad reject God or blame God for all your troubles.Thats what he wants you to do, and he'll surround you with things like: problems in your marriage, family, sons or daughters in drugs,addictions, pornagraphy,sicknesses, losing your home,losing your job, no money in the house, and so on, just to name a few. The enemy wants you to freak out in the situation and just give up, but to us thats just not an option. In verse (v15) it says they gave a battle cry, in the (NIV) its says a shout of war.

You see they didn't get scared or freak out while they were in the middle of the enemy and of the war. We need to realize that God is our ruler,chief (v12) that he will guide you to victory and not to defeat.The effect to the Shout of War is (v15-17) God will destroy the problems that are in front of you, if you just trust him. He destroyed 5000 of the best men of Israel out 8000, the remaining had to flee cause they were scared,you see because when you rely on God, and give that shout of war everyday you WILL have the victory. One last thing on the shout of war, you need to know that everyday is a constant spiritual war or battle in our life against the enemy and his followers, so we must be alert at all times.


In the book of (Joshua 6:5,20) we see the shout of faith. God spoke to Joshua and told him what he had do to have victory. Now stop and think, the Lord tells him that he has to walk around the city 1 time everyday for 7 days and on the 7th day they would make one loud blast on the trumpets,and he said when you hear the sound GIVE A LOUD SHOUT. Joshua had to tell this to the people and whether they believed him or not they decided to trust God and have faith in God even though it sounded weird that with a shout the walls would fall, they pretty much said,"if God told this to Joshua that this is what we must do, then we'll do it." In (v20) the effect of the shout of faith occurs. What happens? The walls fell completely to the ground and the men of Joshua took over the city. (Hebrews 11:30) says that by faith the walls of Jericho fell.

Isn't it amazing to know that what may seem impossible to man, its possible to God. The bible says in (Luke 1:37) that there is nothing impossible to God. Isn't that just amazing!! Even though we go through problems that may seem impossible we need to stop walking in life with our natural eyes and start walking with our eyes of faith,(2cor 5:7)," Walk by faith, not by sight." We need to trust God and have faith in him that even though it might not make sence to us, he knows what he's doing. And if we just have Faith in him and give that shout of faith in the middle of the impossible, God will break down the walls and make thing possible, cause thats the kind of God we serve!!

3.The Shout of Joy (my favorite)

(1Samuel 4:5) says clearly that when the men shouted with joy the ground shook. How powerful is the shout of joy? In (v7) the bible says that the Philistines were afraid and said we're in trouble, they shook with fear. We have to see that when we shout we gotta take action, the Lord will strike our enemy with fear, and thats when we strike on our enemy. In (Mathew 10:1) the Lord gave us authority over sicknesses and demonic spirits through Jesus Christ. And in (James 2:19) the bible says that even the demons believe in the one true God and shake with fear.

So what is the effect to the SHOUT OF JOY? That the Lord strikes fear into the enemy, that if can shout with with joy in the middle of our tribulations, with faith and a shout of war the Lord will make the grounds shake, our enemies will tremble with fear, and any obstacles in our paths any walls that are preventing us from getting to the other side, they will collapse, they will be no match for the power of God.

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