Summary: His name is above all others

THERE IS NO GREATER NAME THAN JESUS Matt. 1:21 We come to this time of the year to think of what God has done to give us the gift of life. I would like to center our thoughts on the name He chose to give to His one and only begotten Son. As I came upon this message I found that many of the names that are today come from someone being the son of someone with a name they used. So from the son of Tom we got the name Thompson. From the son of Peter we have name Peterson. Form the son of John we have Johnson. Do you know how you received your name? My middle name came from my uncle who died in the Korean War. We know that the Hebrews did not name their children before they were born but waited for an event or a sign to name the child what they sensed they would become. For many they gave the name eight days after birth as they presented the child at the temple. When it came time for God to name His Son it was a very important time. He who was to be born of a virgin named Mary who would be the wife of Joseph a carpenter. God did not wait for the earthy parents to name His Son. So we have the verse we read to start this message with: "When the time came for Him to be born in Bethlehem." While the star was shining, the angels were singing and the shepherds gazing someone would have asked, "Who is this in the manger?" Mary or Joseph would respond, "His name is Jesus." Something you might not know but will after today, the word "Jesus" appears over 500 times in the Gospels and if you include the rest of the N. T. it is 900 times. This seems to be a very wonderful name for the Son of God. Jesus out of all the titles and names given Him seemed to be the dearest. As you take time to look in your hymnal there are many songs with this name in its title The meaning of the name Jesus means "The Lord of Salvation." Let us find out why that name is so significant and just right for what meets our need. Why it is that Jesus is the favorite names of our Lord. I. JESUS IS A VERY SIMPLE NAME. How would you like to have a name like Tiglath Peleser-Adonibezek? This is the name of one man in the Bible. If God had used that name think of writing poetry or writing a song or having to pray in that name? God who is all wise used only five letters and a two syllable word which can be pronounced the same in almost every language. It is simple enough for a child to learn. I did not know but it was a common name among the people with whom he was born into. Many you probably know that Jesus is the same name of Joshua in the O. T. As it has been translated into the many languages we have known it is easy to give music to it. Jesus has the sameness to it around the world. No matter what language you hear you can pick out the name Jesus when it is spoken. It is the universal symbol that God uses to express His love for all people. Jesus the name high above all. In hell, on earth and sky. Angels and man before it fall: And devils hear and fly. Jesus, oh the magic Of the soft love sound. How it thrills and trembles to creation’s bound. The angel was told by God, "When you down to see Joseph, let him know to name my Son Jesus." It was recorded in heaven that it would belong to God’s Son. "No voice can sing, No heart can frame Nor can the memory find a sweeter sound than Your blest name, o Savior of mankind!" Bernard/ "Jesus, O how sweet the Name, Jesus, every day the same. Jesus, let all saints proclaim, His worthy praise forever." When children grow up knowing that name and hearing about that name they think that Jesus has the answer to every question and can solve any problem. A little boy was asked in S. S. class, "what is a little furry animal that climbs up in a tree and eats nuts and saves acorns?" This little boy came from a Christian home and relied, "I know it sounds like a squirrel, but I know the answer is Jesus."

II. JESUS IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT NAME. It has been said there are 11 men in the O. T. named Joshua which translates in Jesus. No had used that name until Moses created that name for a man named Hosea the son of Nun. It sounded like some sort of savior and he was wasn’t he? This Joshua was a picture of Christ. He had striking contrasts with Jesus. He led the people out of the wilderness into the promised land. Jesus takes us out of the wilderness of sin to a heavenly land. Joshua led the people to fight against enemies who protected themselves with walled cities. Jesus leads us out to conquer the flesh, the world and the devil. He helps us conquer great obstacles and to win out over temptations. As Joshua did so Jesus leads us to the inheritance that God has for us. Joshua brought an earthly and temporal salvation whereas Jesus gives us a salvation that is forever in heaven where there is not sin. We find them together in Hebrews 4:8 "If Joshua had given the people rest, God would not have spoken about another day." If Joshua could have done all that needed to be done, God would have not needed to send Jesus. Joshua only could bring what this earth has so Jesus came to bring us all of heaven.

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