Summary: A look at Spiritual Growth according to Paul

The last section closes with a reference to the doctrine of God our savior (vs.1:10)

This section gives that doctrine as a bases for the exhortation to Godly behavior.

I. "Because of" (for) the grace of God

A. God’s appearing

B. which brought salvation to all people (this appearing and the resulting


1. teaches us (12)

2. to say "no" (denying) to sin (12; ungodliness and worldly lust)

3. and to live here and now, (this present world) truly Christian lives

(soberly, righteously, and Godly)

C. While at the same time, looking expectantly:

1. for the glory of the second coming

2. of our savior Jesus Christ

II. (vs.14) What God did and what is to be accomplished by God’s grace

A. He gave Himself

B. To free us from sin

C. to cleans us from unrighteousness

D. To make us His "people"

E. Eagerly wanting to do what is pleasing to God

III. Paul demands that Titus teach these things (vs.15)

A. Teach:

1. exhort (appeal, urge)

2. rebuke those who refuse, or neglect this teaching (solemnly admonish)

3. (II timothy 2:24; 4:2) his communication is to be with:

a. humility

b. gentleness

c. patience

B. With God’s authority

1. he is communicating God’s truth, not his own

2. he is to do so with the (full) authority of God behind him

B. To produce a positive response

C. not to allow anyone to disregard the message by disregarding him

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