Summary: Part One from a series of messages titled “The Waiting Room”: discovering what God reveals to us in these moments of waiting.

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The Waiting Room

“Crisis of Faith”

How many people like waiting? (Show of Hands)

When I say the words “Waiting Room”, what images come to mind?

If we were to poll everybody today, I’m sure we would all have a “waiting room” story to tell… Mine happened with:

- Overcrowded waiting room

- Waiting for over an hour and a half

- Watching others leave upset

- 2 minutes with the doctor!

Let’s be honest today, we hate to wait! To the point that quality of service is not as important as speed of service!

In hindsight, this story was probably not as dramatic as I tell it. I would go as far to say in the grand scope of my life it wasn’t really that big a deal at all. Yes it was an incredible inconvenience to my day, but in a week’s time I had already moved on to another incredible inconvenience in my life; another waiting room.

Today we’re starting a series called “The Waiting Room”: What does God reveal to us in the moments of waiting?

From time to time, we all find ourselves in a very different kind of waiting room. This holding pattern is unlike any other I will experience, because it is not necessarily physical and the wait time truly indefinite:

1. God’s Waiting Room

For some:

- It’s a season of transition

- It’s a life altering event or tragedy

- It’s a wake up call to life change

- It’s a season of rest

- It’s a time of refinement

No matter what brought you to this moment in God’s waiting room, one thing is certain in all situations: it is for a purpose!

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

The common misconception of this verse is that God is working for my benefit so life should be peaches! What this verse is really saying is God is using all things, whether we perceive it to be good or bad, for his ultimate glory.

All things. Wrap your mind around that thought for a second. This should give you hope!

It means that no matter:

- Where I think I should be

- Whatever job I think I should have

- Whatever relationship I think I should be in

- Whatever goal or mark I expect to hit in life

- Whatever way I have fallen short

- Whatever tragedy or injustice that has entered into my life

- Whatever material good I think I should possess but don’t

All of it—I have or have not because God is working through me for His good. All things.

God’s waiting room is tough place to be. It can be a lonely, confusing and an altogether heartbreaking space. But even in this, God is still GOD. He can see what I can’t, and has purpose in all He carries me through. God will use this for His good purpose.

Today we need a reset in thinking from the ground level up…

2. The Authority of Faith

From the outset I want to state the obvious that I believe most believers selectively forget: God’s Waiting Room is a necessity for spiritual growth! - We must go through it...

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