Summary: Sermon discussing the divinity of Christ

Who is Jesus?

Colossians 1:15-20

Introduction: The Colossian church was battling false teachers who claimed that Jesus was important source of religion, however he was not the only show in town. We face this tragedy today this sermon will proclaim the supremacy and necessity of Jesus.

I. He is God; 15-17

A. Representation

1. See John 1:1; 10:30 and 14:9

2. Jesus was not a created reproduction but rather a visible manifestation of an invisible God.

3. We think of an image as something visible right? Christ also gives us the representation physically, but he also gives a look at the person of God. His love, his caring, his anger, etc.

B. Creator

1. All things were created by him

a. This in itself points to the divinity of Jesus, Gen 1:1 says God is the Creator, since all things were created by Jesus he to must be God

2. All things were created for him

a. Illustration: Say you came and saw me making a cabinet, you asked who are you making this for? I replied I am making it for myself. Why? Because I need a cabinet, it has a purpose.

b. In the same way, Christ created everything with a purpose, first to glorify Him, also to be part of his redemptive plan.

c. Why has God placed you here? What purpose do you have?

3. All things were created under him…the word “before” denotes both pre-existence and pre-eminence

a. Notice this word “firstborn” in the OT this was the one who received the birth right, the most important

b. It has nothing to do with being “born” because being born is to be created, since Christ created “all things” he himself could not have been created

C. Maintainer

1. There is an idea that God created the world, set it into motion and is waiting to see what happens (Openness Theology), this confronts that idea

2. The point is that Christ created the world, and continues to be present making sure his creation follows the created plan

3. The creation itself would fall apart, the redemptive plan would also fall apart without Christ

II. He is the Head of the Church; 18

A. The head reveals Jesus’ position in the church

1. The church is the body of Christ…the most important part of the body is the head

2. It controls the body…everything the body does comes through the head

3. It maintains the body…without the head the body will die

B. First born from the dead refers to Jesus’ power in the church

1. Jesus was not the first to be raised from the dead, but this says "firstborn”

2. Since the NT often refers to the “life in Christ” and new life, this is certainly a reference to Christ’s preeminence in the Christian experience

3. To be born again immulates Christ’s resurrection,

a. Jesus says this is a spiritual experience

b. Eph 2:1-5 shows that spiritually we were resurrected into life free from sin

c. What Christ did physically we first do spiritually, then physically

C. “Come to have first place in everything” probably refers to Jesus’ eternal reign with the church

1. This is the point of Jesus coming “firstborn” from the dead, he will reign eternally

2. In the end time, we will physically be resurrected, just like Christ was, in order that we may eternally be part of his perfect kingdom

III. He is the Peace Maker; 19-20

A. “Fullness”

1. God sacrificed Himself for the sins of the Creation that rebelled against him

2. This confronted the idea that a body was sinful and Jesus would not have entered into a sinful body

3. All fullness refers to both the fullness of God and the fullness of man

B. Reconciliation to Himself

1. The patching of a broken relationship which results in friendship

2. God took the steps necessary to call the world to himself, we do not have search for, go to God

C. Peace through His blood

1. This points to the sacrifice of Jesus, the whole point was our salvation

2. This doesn’t not mean that everyone will be saved, for other Scripture explains differently, the point here is that everything has been atoned for

3. Illustration: It is like this, say I have written a check for all your bills, but require you to accept the check. All the bills are taken care of, but you must accept the payment.

4. Christ has given the payment for our sins, we must accept it.

5. The thrust here is his scope, nothing is too far from God that it can not be reconciled through the blood of Jesus.


1. We have talked about Jesus and Creation, he created the world with a purpose, for relationship with him, allow Him to call you to that relationship

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