Summary: An outline that tries to simply answer Pharoah’s question, "Who is the Lord?" This is more an encouraging message rather than an evangelistical one.

Who Is the Lord?

Text: Ex. 5:1-2


Pharaoh didn’t know God; never heard about Him. When Moses told him that God wanted him to let the people of Israel go, Pharaoh defied God’s authority and power. He served the multitudes of gods that the Egyptians worshiped, especially Ra the Sun God, whom he was allegedly descended from. But while Pharaoh asked his question contemptuously over 3,500 years ago, there are many who are asking this question honestly and hungrily today. Who is the Lord?

I. The Lord is my Father.

The Muslims have 99 different names for their god, but among them, not one of them is “Father.” This is probably my favorite name for God. I am glad I serve the Christian God whose Son, Jesus, taught us that when we pray, we should begin, “Our Father, which art in Heaven.”

A. As my Father, He Protects.

1. Danger

2. Devil

B. As my Father, He Provides.

1. Physical Needs

2. Financial Needs

3. Spiritual Needs

C. As my Father, He Punishes. (Corrects of disciplines us.)

II. The Lord in my Friend.

A. Cares about my problems.

B. He knows all about me, and He still loves me.

III. The Lord is my Forgiver.

A. I was lost and in rebellion toward Him.

B. My sins separated me from God.

C. He forgives the penitent sinner.


Some have made God out to be some cruel mean tyrant that is hard to please, but that is not the God of the Bible. He loves us and has our best in mind. Others have turned God into a kind of grandpa who will not discipline, grants every desire, and just is a heavenly teddy bear; but that’s not the God of the Bible. He is our Father, our Friend, and our Forgiver.

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