Summary: Jesus is the one, true role model!

I Peter 2:21-25 Who is Your Role Model?

Intro: When I was growing up I had many role models. There was my dad, grandparents, television personalities, and when I started playing football there was different football players I looked up to as role models. I remember watching O. J. Simpson when he played for the Buffalo Bills…He was known as “The Juice”, he could really play…he was a role model. However, later on this role model let me down…we all know the life he is living now.

What role models have you had in your life? I imagine that you have looked up to parents, teachers, actors, sports personalities, employers and more that you have looked up to. Some of these if not all have let you down one time or another. They fell from that pedestal you put them on.

Did you know that there is a role model who will never let you down, forsake or forget you? I am talking about the Son of God, Jesus Christ!

Turn in your Bibles to I Peter 2:21-25 and we will see what the Apostle Peter says about the one, true role model.

The Role Model

I. Who He Is…vs. 21-22

He was born of a virgin, lived, was tempted but committed no sin…the only one born sinless. He is our Savior, Jesus Christ!

II. What He Did…vs. 23-24a

He died on Calvary’s cross

III. Why He Did It…vs. 24b-25…He did it for you and me!

• So His wounds might heal ours…v. 24b

• That we might turn to the shepherd…v. 25

• So that we would have our home prepared

Conclusion: Jesus Christ is our role model, a role model that will always be there no matter what we go through.

He is the only begotten Son of God; He is our Savior, friend, teacher, Lord

Jesus Christ went to the cross for you and me! He hung on that cross, bled and died! He took away our sins! He did this so that we can be healed, can always turn to Him, and so that we will someday join Him in our Heavenly home He has prepared!

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