Summary: We miss the best because we have settled forthe ordinary.

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Why are some Missing the Best Things in Life

Washington State led 61-56 with 25 seconds left before Dan Grunfeld cut it to one with a rare four-point play, hitting a long 3-pointer from the corner and making a free throw, his only points of the game. With 17.2 seconds left, Washington State could not inbound the ball against Stanford’s defense and turned it over on a five-second violation. Stanford tried to hold the ball for the last shot, but it was knocked away from Chris Hernandez, and the wild scramble followed. Nick Robinson, who hit the last second, shot that, lifted the Cardinal past Arizona last month, finally gained control and flipped the ball back to Lottich for the game-winner. The long shot sent the Stanford players leaping for joy and prompted Washington State’s fans to throw items on the floor in disgust. “I grabbed someone and gave them a hug and said, ‘We did it again!”’ Grunfeld said.

LK. 4:14-16, 22, 28-29Mark 6:1-6 MT. 13:53-58

Writer Charles Swindoll once found himself with too many commitments in too few days. He got nervous and tense about it. "I was snapping at my wife and our children, choking down my food at mealtimes, and feeling irritated at those unexpected interruptions through the day," he recalled in his book Stress Fractures. "Before long, things around our home started reflecting the patter of my hurry-up style. It was becoming unbearable. "I distinctly remember after supper one evening, the words of our younger

daughter, Colleen. She wanted to tell me something important that had happened to her at school that day. She began hurriedly, ’Daddy, I wanna tell you somethin’ and I’ll tell you really fast.’ "Suddenly realizing her frustration, I answered, ’Honey, you can tell me -- and you don’t have to tell me really fast. Say it slowly." "I’ll never forget her answer: ’Then listen slowly.’"

Have you been there?

Few people have had a greater opportunity to have a personal, real encounter with Christ, than those who lived in his hometown. What He found here was only a negative response and discontentment. Here, in his own homeland, few people would see him for who he is. They missed the astonishing because he seemed so ordinary. They missed the occasion because he was so common. They missed his true point because it was so noticeable.

1. we are missing the best because the astonishing seems ordinary.

One of the reasons that many miss the affect of the gospel is because they suppose it is weak because we are seeing the ordinary and not the astonishing. Familiarity often does indeed raise disapproval. The people of Jesus hometown couldn’t see past the hometown boy and see the Savoir of the

world. Are we failing to see the Potential and the possibilities in our lives? We are if you failing to see what God can do in you and with you!

There is an old story told about a man by the name of Ali Facid. He had a small farm and a family. One day, the story goes, a Buddhist priest came by and said to Ali Facid: You know, there are valuable stones called diamonds, and if you get one of these you could be a wealthy man." Ali Facid went to bed that night, but the words of the old priest haunted him. He was so obsessed that he felt that he must find him one of these diamonds so that he could become a ruler. He sold his farm, put his family out to neighbors and went out to find his acres of diamonds. Months passed. He was broken in body and spirit. His funds were gone. Moreover, at the Bay of Barcelona, he threw himself into the water, never to walk this earth again. Meanwhile, the man who bought his farm bent over one day and picked up a little stone. He laid it on the mantle that night not knowing what it was. A few days later the old Buddhist priest came by, saw it, and exclaimed Ali Facid must be back from his search. No, came the response. Then where did that diamond come from? The farmer replied, "I was out plowing in the garden and found it there." And friends, did you know that from that very garden, for this is not a legend but a true story, came the jewels and diamonds that today adorn the crown heads of Europe and Russia. In Ali Facid’s own back yard, there were acres of diamonds and he knew it not. Are We Failing to See the Potential and the Possibilities in the Life of Others? Are We Failing to See the Potential and the Possibilities in Christ?

Matthew 11:28-29 are you really hearing what Christ is saying. The story is told of Franklin Roosevelt, who often endured long receiving lines at the White House. He complained that no one really paid any attention to what was said. One day, during a reception, he decided to try an experiment. To each person who passed down the line and shook his hand, he murmured, "I murdered my grandmother this morning." The guests responded with phrases like, "Marvelous! Keep up the good work. We are proud of you. God bless you, sir." It was not until the end of the line, while greeting the ambassador from Bolivia, that his words were actually heard. Nonplussed, the ambassador leaned over and whispered, "I’m sure she had it coming."

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