Summary: With the Holy Ghost infilling, you will have power to overcome every obstacle in your life.

You Can Get Out!

Children of Israel in Egyptian bondage.

New pharaoh did not know Joseph and his family.

Viewed them as a potential threat to his kingdom. Placed them under strenuous rule and service.

The more oppression he put upon them, the greater they grew.

Moses. Raised up to be a leader to deliverance.

40 years in a desert. Came back to Egypt with commands from God. Let my people go!

10 plagues.

1. Water to blood.

2. Frogs.

3. Lice.

4. Flies.

5. Diseased livestock. (First mad cow disease!)

6. Boils.

7. Hail.

8. Locusts.

9. Darkness.

10. Death of the firstborn. (enough is enough. Get out of here!)

Process of deliverance.

Bloodshed. Lamb had to be killed. Blood applied to doorposts and lintel of house. It stayed the hand of the destroyer.

Having the blood of Jesus applied to your life is the only thing that will stay the destroyer of your soul!

Repentance. Jesus is your pass over lamb.

Escape by night. Fled to the banks of the Red Sea. It was not enough to merely say that they wanted out of Egypt. It was not enough to say that they were leaving. They had to cross the sea.

Many want to leave the bondage of sin, and have been led to believe that just saying that they wanted out would be enough to get them out.

No! There must be a washing and a cleansing that takes place!

Red Sea is a type of water baptism. You must be born again of the water and the spirit.

Repentance is the first step, but it is not the last!

Jesus name baptism. Not a threat! Golden opportunity to have sins washed away. Acts 2:38 tells us that your sins are remitted in baptism. Washed away.

Just like Pharaoh and his army. Closed up in those waters.


I wish that there were some way to see it happen. When you are baptized. What is left behind you? Everything that had bound you kept you, worked to destroy you.

Met on the other side of the Red Sea by the glory cloud of God.

No deliverance is complete without the divine intervention of God.

The Holy Ghost. God’s means of giving you the power to live a delivered life!

You can get out of a life that is bound and confused by the powers of sin.

You may not even understand all that you are going through, but your understanding is not necessary.

You may just feel tired of having to do things. Tired of that compulsion to act a certain way.

Some things that you feel like you can’t help doing.

There are influences in this world that are not of God that want nothing more than to destroy your soul.

There is an even greater power in this world that wants nothing more than to save your soul!

They fled to an awaiting Promised Land.

Free from slavery. If there is anything that needs to be stressed to you today, you can live a life that pleases God, and it can be free from the bondage of sin!

Habits, addictions, compulsions, and violence.

Slaves are held against their will be an oppressor.

Satan would love to hold you against your will in a lifestyle that he knows is killing you!

Land of milk and honey. Spoke of the provision that God would make. Never want. Never need. God would always supply.

Seek first the kingdom of God and then all of the rest will be added to you!

Giants and walled cities.

No one ever said that living for God would be a perfect, easy life. Giants and difficulties on every hand. Just like life before him.

Only difference. Now you have a power to overcome those things with. You have a power to prevail over every difficulty and obstacle.

What used to drive you to drinking now drives you to call on the name of Jesus!

Etc, etc.

Victory. Jericho’s walls fell flat!

You can prevail over what has been life’s most difficult problem for you, today!

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