Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

John 3:1-15

June 29, 2014

You Must Be Born Again!

Intro: People who are far from God

• Nicodemus was different

• Purpose driven life book

• Buying the book..not homeless….but normal people…

• Nicodemus….was one of those…

In this passage, one/best known/NT, Jesus/personal encounter with a man named Nicodemus.

• Most powerful/influential men in all of Israel

• Eavesdrop/conversation/Lord Jesus/Nicodemus today

• Hear/ourselves the great truths Jesus shared with this man.



The New Birth!

• become/common language of America

• 70% of Americans claim to be born again.

• Literally means “to be born from above.”

• Born again…used and abused….media

Carries the idea of getting a fresh start, a new life from Heaven.

• We call “being saved” or being “born again”

Titus 3:5, Titus uses/term “regeneration”

• Means the same exact thing!

• When you are regenerated, you get a new life!

• You get a new start!

So many people have this thing confused!

• They are seeking reformation

• They are trying to “turn over a new leaf”

• “get a new lease on life”.


Reformation is just whitewashing

• Regeneration will wash you white!

Reformation will put new cloths on a man

• Regeneration will put a new man in his cloths!

What the world needs, what you need, and what I need is regeneration!

• If you have been born only once/you are going to die twice!

• if you have been born twice, you will never die

• death has been swallowed up in life

• confused the mess of Nicodemus


Nature Of Humanity –Old Nicodemus has received a lot of criticism for approaching Jesus at night.

• Nicodemus came to Jesus…why….

• Jesus flipped tables, miracles…..why…

• Why didn’t he send his assistant….

• You must see Jesus yourself…..

• He came to see Jesus at night.

Scholars thought……fear others would see him….valid!

Some say Jesus was booked for the day.

• It is indicative of us today…

• Daytime….we got it together…

• Night….long for something more

• Most people have their act together in the day…

• But in the night….not physical…spiritual condition.

• When you’re alone by yourself

• You know something isn’t right.

We know what to say, how to act, impress, during the day.

Many thought to be Christians, but struggle/same pattern of sin.

• Over and over again.

Maybe you made a commitment young/but no change.

When night comes you think…..there should be more.


He came humbly…complimenting Jesus……..Rabbi

You can’t impress Jesus…

• Jesus told him, “You must be born again!

• Nicodemus must have thought this was a mistake

• All he had going/him/never expect him/need/born again!

• Not Nicodemus!


• wino needs to be saved and born again

• Wayward woman needs the new birth.

• Drug attic with the needles in their arm needs born again

• wasted life down in the gutter needs to be born again


Someone like Nicodemus, well surely/doesn’t apply to him

• Looked at this man/thought/everything going for him

• All the plusses and none of the minuses from a human perspective.

Nicodemus Was A Rich Man

• Tradition tells/one/three riches men in Jerusalem

• More money than he knew what to do with!

• What we have does not change what we are!

Your money can buy you many things here in this world, but it can buy you nothing in Heaven!


Nicodemus Was A Respectable Man

• Walked down the streets, people knew him

• they pointed him out to their children

• Held in great esteem by all who knew him and saw him

• What we achieve does not change what we are!

• that will not provide you a place in Heaven


Nicodemus Was A Religious Man – He was a Pharisee!

• Jewish Ruling Council/5 books/5,300 verses

• He kept the Law

• Morally pure to a degree you and I cannot imagine!

• Jesus recognized/religious efforts these men, Matt. 5:20.

• He paid his tithes, did everything the Law said to do

• Fasting/ceremonial washing

• never touched/woman/avoided looking them when possible

• Not come into contact with a sinner/holy man!

• What we do does not change who we are!

In spite of the outward attempts at righteousness, Nicodemus was a religious man in need of a Redeemer! ====================================

Here is where many well-meaning people are confused.

• They think/good enough or do enough, it will guarantee them access into Heaven.

• Nothing you have, do or are changed what you are: a sinner in need of a Savior!

• That is why the new birth is not an option

• Want to miss hell and go to Heaven

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