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When You’re Down
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Jan, 2001
Summary: Jesus says that part of the solution to a troubled heart is trust, & he tells His apostles to trust in 3 things. (Powerpoint available - #265)
based on 940 ratings
Views: 236,192
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Mar, 2001
Summary: Pentecost was a once-in-history event, when the church was born. So let’s consider three things we learn from "Pentecost." (Powerpoints available - #134.)
based on 1608 ratings
Scripture: Acts 2:1-13 Acts 2:1-7
Views: 119,983
Jeff Strite avatar
Why did God let this happen?
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Sep, 2001
Summary: In the midst of a nation where people are beginning to ask questions about where God was when New York & Washington were hit, this is a humble effort to deal with that question.
David DeWitt avatar
Funeral Meditation
Shared by: David DeWitt on Jan, 2001
Summary: This is a standard funeral message from John 14
based on 1006 ratings
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 120,573
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Jan, 2001
Summary: God’s love will never let you down. God’s love will never let you off. God’s love will never end! (*PowerPoint available - #253)
based on 315 ratings
Views: 14,656

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Bruce Howell avatar
In One Of His Lighter Moments, Benjamin Franklin ...
Shared By: Bruce Howell on Apr 5, 2001
Summary: In one of his lighter moments, Benjamin Franklin penned his own epitaph.: The Body of B. Franklin, Printer Like the Cover of an old Book Its contents torn out, And stript of its Lettering and Guilding, Lies here, Food for Worms, But the Work s...
Category: Quotes
based on 114 ratings
Denomination: Wesleyan
Scripture: none
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SermonCentral Staff avatar
One Step Closer To...
Shared By: SermonCentral Staff on May 9, 2002
Summary: ONE STEP CLOSER TO... I once read about a rabbi sitting next to an atheist on an airplane. Every few minutes, one of the rabbi’s children or grandchildren would inquire about his needs for food, drink, or comfort. The atheist commented, “The re...
Category: Humor
based on 24 ratings
Denomination: *other
Scripture: none
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KL BURRUS avatar
I Read A Story Of A Woman On Vacation That Was ...
Shared By: KL BURRUS on Nov 19, 2007
Summary: I read a story of a woman on vacation that was shopping in the finest stores. One day she saw the most beautiful cup she had ever seen. She went in bought the cup and everyday she would take the cup out and admire it. She would even talk to the cup ...
Category: Stories
based on 11 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
R. David Reynolds avatar
The Late Rev. Dr. John Rowan Claypool Iv Served ...
Shared By: R. David Reynolds on Feb 3, 2008
Summary: The late Rev. Dr. John Rowan Claypool IV served as a pastor for 47 years, first in Southern Baptist Congregations in the South and then from 1986 to 2000 as the Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham, Alabama. In his sermon entitled “T...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: none

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preaching article What Not to Say When Someone Dies
What Not to Say When Someone Dies
Shared By: Joe McKeever on April 6, 2016
Summary: There is a danger turning faith into fairy tale for our own comfort. At the same time it may help us to approach someone with biblical truths after we understand their line of thinking.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: none

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media Psalm 23
Psalm 23
Type: Video Illustration
Shared By: Shift Worship on June 22, 2015
Summary: I'm not out here on my own. The Lord is my shepherd." Based on the much-loved psalm, this worship mini movie encourages us to rest in the watchful care of our loving God.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: none

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media Remember and Honor (Memorial Day)
Remember and Honor (Memorial Day)
Type: Video Illustration
Shared By: Centerline New Media on May 18, 2015
Summary: This mini-movie is great for your Memorial Day services and events, and serves as a way to remember the bravery and honor the sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price while defending freedom.
media Moms - Portraits of God
Moms - Portraits of God
Type: Video Illustration
Shared By: Floodgate Productions on April 30, 2015
Summary: Moms play a more significant role in the world than they know. At the heart of it all, moms everywhere can display portraits of God.
media Welcome to Church
Welcome to Church
Type: Countdown Video
Shared By: James Grocho (Grochowalski) on December 16, 2014
Summary: This 3 minute modern countdown features the words “Welcome to Church” while listening to summer time music.
media Grunge Cross
Grunge Cross
Type: Countdown Video
Shared By: James Grocho (Grochowalski) on April 16, 2014
Summary: This 5 minute countdown features the cross in a grunge setting. The countdown slowly gets colorful near the end as the timer counts down to zero. Perfect for Good Friday, Easter, or any generic Sunday countdown.