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  • Education: I graduated with honors in 1982 from Piedmont Bible College in Winston-Salem, NC with a Bachelors of Religious Education minoring in Administration. I graduated in 2000 from Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, NC with a Masters of Theology. I received my ThD from Slidell Baptist Seminary in 2001.
  • Experience: I have been involved in almost all areas of ministry since my salvation in 1975. I have sought to always be ready in season and out. I have followed Paul’s exhortation to Timothy to do work that is not always within the scope of my gifts when it was there to be done and I have had opportunity to do it.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: My sermon from Jeremiah, Be Not Afraid of Their Faces, moved one woman to overcome her fear and get involved in soul-winning. Since I am a bit of a circuit riding preacher it is hard for to know what the long term effect of my preaching has been. Most people only stay in a church for 2.1 years so even the pastors that I work with do not see the results of their planting and watering. It would be great if people stayed longer, but I guess one positive effect is that it keeps us preachers ’umble
  • One of my favorite illustrations: Today in Sunday School the teacher told us a story about Gaylord and his old dog that wouldn’t bite anybody. Seems that the dog liked to run alongside when Gaylord rode his bike. Gaylord either did not have a chain guard on the bike or this was in the days when they did not use them. Anyway, one day the old dog was along side Gaylord and his tail just wagged a little too close and ended up between the chain and the sprocket. To say the dog was in pain is an understatement and he commenced to
  • Family: I have been married since December 24th, 1970. My daughter is married and has given me six grandchildren. My son has graduated from Texas A&M (Commerce) and is currently a physical therapy assistant and has given me grandchild number seven
  • What my parents think of my sermons: Both my parents are deceased. My father-in-law has always encouraged me over the years though he had only recently become a believer and has since passed away.
  • What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: If I had a few more folks like her, I might run for public office, but then that would be a demotion from serving the King. My wife always enjoys my teaching and preaching. Her only criticism is that she wishes I would stand still more. C];-)}|>
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Be yourself. As a young preacher, I had a lot of men give me advice and I wanted to be teachable. An older man would put his arm around me and say, "Son, you have a lot of potential if you would only ..." Well, I would take that advice only to have another older man say the same thing but he would suggest that I do what the other man had me change. God called me, not some imitation of another preacher or the mold that some saint has for preachers. If He loved you and died for you, He will mak
  • Books that have had an impact: Principles of Spiritual Growth by Miles J. Standford John Wesley’s Journal Bunyan’s Grace Abounding for the Chief of Sinners The Best of A. W. Tozer Andrew Murray Leonard Ravenhill Biographies of Brainerd and Mueller Foxes’s Book of Martyrs I usually like my author’s dead a hundred years or more because they will not change their opinion or get wrapped up in some fad. I have very few contemporary men that I read. Most have axes to grind and halos to shine. Besides, we are in an age of
  • Hobbies: Poetry, singing, historical research I have authored two books, The Power of Holy Women and Jailhouse Religion. They are available through Xulon Press or Amazon.
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Be sure you are saved and serve like it is your last day on earth for it may well be.
  • What I want on my tombstone: When the herd is headin’ fer the cliff, it t’ain’t bad bein’ a maverick.
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