Christmas Sermons, Videos, Backgrounds and PowerPoint Templates for Preaching
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Explanation of the names given to the child, "Jesus" and "Immanuel", and how it impacts us today.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14-7:15
Shared: 12/12/2006
The prophecy of the virgin in Isaiah 7 has been denied by many religious "experts". But what does their denial say about them... and what does it tell us about what the prophecy actually said?
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-7:16
Shared: 12/5/2010
As Isaiah reminds Ahaz to believe in God’s security we are also reminded by the Christmas season to trust in the Immanuel.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Shared: 12/6/2012
3rd of 3 in the Advent Series "The Prophets Fortold." Examines the prophetic significance of the Virgin Birth.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-7:17
Shared: 5/5/2006
If Santa Claus, a 4th Century Christian, were here with us today, what might he tell us about how to celebrate Christmas?
Shared: 12/6/2001
In the midst of the busyness of humanity, and their journey to nowhere, God makes an astounding promise.
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/10/2001
The contemplation of God is an awesome task. Any attempt to comprehend Him in His Fullness would prove to be as futile as trying to dam up the mighty Mississippi with a twig; reach the top of the magnificent Mt Everest with a step stool, or stop the laun
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 11/28/2001
Does God really love us? The birth of Jesus Christ is the beginning of Godís profound answer to this question.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/2/2002
The Birth of Christ is described as a sign by Isaiah, this sermon explores the fact that his birth was a sign of Godís power, Godís love and Godís faithfulness!
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/8/2003
Characters of Christmas Sermon Series Sermon #1 MARY- THE WILLINGNESS OF CHRISTMAS The WOMAN of Christmas The WOMB of Christmas The WILLINGNESS of Christmas
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/6/2003