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Message delivered to preachers at a local association meeting.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joel 2:17
Shared: 9/3/2006
There are great needs in the Church today, which can be identified as Signs of famine. But they can be changed by moving in steps of faith.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: 2 Kings 6:24-7:5
Tags: Faith
Shared: 9/1/2001
Warren Buffett believed his donation of $37 billion dollars to the Gates Foundation would buy him a place in heaven? Is that possible? Can we buy our way into heaven? Can we work our way in? Or is there another way?
Series: The Kiss
Scripture: Psalms 85:1-85:13
Shared: 2/11/2013
There is a famine in the land, not because there is no water and food available, but because we are not taking the water and food to those who are hungry and thirsty.
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Amos 8:11-8:12
Shared: 7/17/2006
What we listen to will determine what we believe!
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Amos 8:11-8:12
Shared: 11/29/2004
The problems with getting out of Gods will and plan.
Denomination: Holiness
Shared: 2/9/2003
Ever experienced a famine in your life, a spiritual lack, a time of trial? What do you do? This sermons looks at how to turn your famine into a feast.
Scripture: Ruth 1:1-1:14
Shared: 8/1/2007
Revival is needed because we are lacking in three areas.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joel 1:8-1:20
Shared: 7/22/2005
Gas prices keep going up, and many people’s blood pressure is going right with them! People are wondering what the world is coming to, but thankfully, we know Who has come into the world.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 2 Kings 6:24-7:20
Shared: 6/17/2008
The time has now come for Joseph... From the pit to Potiphar’s household to the prison to the palace...A long journey of thirteen years had passed by from the dream he told to his family to this eventual day.By his dreams he was ostracized and by the Phar
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Genesis 41:1-41:46
Shared: 9/20/2008