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Caleb had a different spirit one that enabled him to enter the land of Canaan and find "union" Hebron. Here are 7 characteristics of a different spirit.
Series: Joshua
Scripture: Numbers 14:24
Shared: 12/28/2002
The body of Christ is made up of great leaders that are gifted in every area of the ministry. The Holy Spirit had given them so much talents and gifts that every one will become useful and contributor to the growth and success in the body of Christ.
Scripture: Acts 6:3-6:5
Shared: 9/23/2004
Titus and Timothy are both told to select appropriate men to lead the church as Elders. But what does God expect of these leaders and how can we (as the congregation) assist them in their role?
Scripture: Titus 1:5-1:11
Shared: 9/12/2010
5 of 5 messages on Judges. This message is on Jephthah and his terrible vow.
Scripture: Judges 11:1-11:40
Tags: Doubt
Shared: 3/5/2006
I preached this sermon the Sunday prior to our annual fall revival meetings. The steps Ezra took the people through in this passage were foundational to the revival they experienced in Nehemiah 8 and 9.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 10/23/2007
They were now facing 4 major problems, & Nehemiah had to deal with them decisively before they destroyed everything that God was seeking to do through His people. (Powerpoints available - #325)
Shared: 11/25/2010
Nehemiah doesn't do things the way I would do them. If there is a job to be done, I am usually quick to say, "Let's get on with it! If it needs to be done, let's not waste any more time. Let's do it!" (Powerpoints available - #317)
Scripture: Nehemiah 2:11-2:20
Shared: 11/24/2010
Jesus Christ is our Leader. He said to Philip “follow Me.” He expects all who believe to give up their lives and follow Him into service and ministry to others. Jesus Christ is Lord. He is Deity and Majesty. He reigns on high. He is the sovereign Ruler
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: John 1:43-1:51
Shared: 1/2/2008
The leader understands that God has placed the church in the world and the leader is keenly aware of the value and eternal purpose for which the body of Christ exists. God did not put the church here to serve you but for you to serve Jesus and
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Mark 10:42-10:43
Shared: 1/16/2011
Christian Leadership with Servant Leadership
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-1:11
Shared: 8/5/2007
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