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Why touch a leper? They were "untouchable", declared unclean, outcasts to all. But Jesus touched this man. Why? And what can we learn from what He did that day?
Shared: 11/3/2013
Simple three point outline. Dropped, Picked up, and Restored. Main thought, "No one at the table can see your crippled feet!"
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 3/8/2003
Whenever Peter came to town, people were healed. Does that happen today? And what can we learn about God’s healing power in our lives?
Scripture: Acts 9:32-9:43
Shared: 3/16/2004
If the Gospel message is all about Jesus coming to die for our sins... why would God waste ink telling about the birth of a baby Jesus in a manger? What possible impact could that story have on our understanding of God’s gift of salvation?
Scripture: Luke 2:8-2:12
Shared: 12/17/2012
A study of the prayer life of Daniel for the purpose of encouraging believers to be more faithful in prayer.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 9/25/2002
Quickly, get the shoes and take off. Glad we missed that events. That minister is crazy! Me visit the nursing home! Give me a break.
Shared: 6/18/2006
From time to time we the people of God determines the clout of it’s members by the boards or ministries they are on.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/13/2007
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Luke 18:9-18:14
Shared: 1/19/2015
Third sermon in series studying characters involved in the beheading of John the Baptist. This sermon looks at Herodious and the effects of bearing a grudge.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Mark 6:14-6:29
Shared: 5/20/2013