• Rev. Randy Barker

    Contributing sermons since Aug 12, 2014
Rev. Randy's church

Maple street C.C.C.U
Jeffersonville, Ohio 43128

About Rev. Randy
  • Education: My Christian education has been provided by the Churches of Christ in Christian Union.
  • Experience: I am now saved, sanctified, & living my life as a bond servant of Jesus Christ. So thankful for the call he gave to me to preach, & so very thankful for the ministry he has given to me
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: Use these sermons in part or in whole for the glory of God some our mine originally some are from others changed for my services some are combined from many sources use as God leads
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: Sermons that made a difference to me was the truth that was preached to me by my former pastor, friend, & mentor Rev. John Gray. I have also been greatly impacted by childhood pastor & longtime friend Rev. Gordon Ell. Also Rev. Joe Duvall who took a chance & helped get me into my current pastorate at maple street C.C.C.U in Jeffersonville ohio.
  • Family: I was raised in a wonderful Christian family but unfortunately went out into a deep life of sin praise The Lord for his wonderful Grace & Mercy that patiently waited then allowed me to come back to his saving Grace.
  • Hobbies: My hobbies are telling others about the saving Grace of God through the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is my greatest privilege to be able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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