Summary: If this was my last message

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If you have your bibles turn to Hebrews 9:27 27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Today I want to talk about The way I would preach if I knew that I would die tomorrow

A. Richard Baxter who was an early English church leader, poet, hymn-writer, theologian, and preacher he Had a Goal in His Preaching

1. He said that he wanted to preach every sermon as if he’d never preach again and as a dying man to a dying people

Well church this morning

2. I want to try and preach to you with the urgency of Baxter’s goal

B. The Psalmist Calls Us to Number Our Days

Psalms 90:12 says

12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

And I say that

1. That is some pretty good advice for all of us to listen to

And you know

2. Preachers die too

So therefore all people including myself should be aware of just how short this life is

Which lead me to wonder

if I knew that this was my last day on earth

My last time to stand behind a pulpit

The last opportunity that I would have to share Christ

How would I preach

And what would I say

Well I believe that I know exactly what I would say if I knew that this was it

C. So What Would I Say If This Was My Last Sermon

Well I believe

I. That The First Part of My Sermon Would Be to Those that I Love

Because You know

a. We all have responsibilities to those that are closest to us


- I would assure my family of my faith in Christ, and I would let them know that the faith I have in Christ is what gives me eternal life

You know a lot of people leave their loved ones behind wondering whether or not they will ever see them again

Well I would tell them that this goodbye did not have to be forever

That on the other side of eternity we could have a family reunion like no other a reunion that never had to end

And then

b. I would tell them of the time I first trusted Christ as my Savior

I would tell them how good it felt to know that all of my sins had all been forgiven

And that I had been set free

And given eternal life

- I would then describe the times that God spoke to my heart about His love

(Expound on lonely nights in jail cells and in prison and the many nights of heartbreak where God told me he loved me and let me no that he was still there when I was ready to come back but how I was to stubborn to come back to him and ask his forgiveness and as a result I just wasted all those years for nothing)

I would share all of my mistakes

I would Tell them about the things I have done

The things that I regret

(Expound as lead)

And then I would tell them of how Jesus saved my soul

And how he totally changed my life for the better

(Expound as lead)

- I would then give thanks for those who lived the Christian life before me

Like my grandma Barker who always told me to trust in Jesus because he would get me there (share story of grandmas passing)

Or my dad who always displayed great faith and maintained an excellent witness and let his light shine in a dark dark world

Always prayed and always believed

How he even promised to give up food on Mondays for the rest of his life if God would keep me from going back to prison

And how God did his part and my dad kept his promise

I would talk about my mom who read those bible stories from the little red bible that was simply called the book

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