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Romans teaches us that we are "justified by faith" rather than by works. But shouldnít holy people do holy things? And donít good deeds please God? So, why wouldnít good works justify us before God?
Scripture: Romans 3:21-3:31
Shared: 10/18/2010
One preacher decided not to baptize one young girl on October 31st because he didnít want her to associate her baptism with Halloween - a season of death. Was he right?
Shared: 10/31/2010
At Pentecost, God engaged in a pyrotechnic display that shook the audience, and set up a wild sermon by Peter that offered a wild and unheard of invitation. What made this sermon so powerful, and why does it's message still shake the world?
Scripture: Acts 2:1-2:41
Shared: 8/18/2013
What did the angels mean when they asked the disciples "Why do you stand here looking into the sky?" Were they rebuking them for wanting to see Jesus when He came back? Or was there something deeper that they (and we) need to hear?
Scripture: Acts 1:6-1:11
Shared: 12/29/2013
Jesus said we should seek first the Kingdom of God. What is that Kingdom and how do I go about making it a priority in my life?
Series: Not A Fan
Shared: 9/21/2014
At the time of our text, the disciples had been on quite an emotional roller coaster ride. They had within the past few weeks witnessed their leader Jesus Christ open the blind eyes, and perform other miracles. They were then with Him when He went to the
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Luke 24:44-24:53
Shared: 2/21/2007
This is GOdís message - not manís
Series: Pentecost
Denomination: Lutheran
Shared: 9/2/2007
Pentecost was a once-in-history event, when the church was born. So letís consider three things we learn from "Pentecost." (Powerpoints available - #134.)
Scripture: Acts 2:1-2:13
Shared: 3/13/2001
A sermon for Pentecost Sunday
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Acts 2:1-2:4
Shared: 5/18/2002
What happened on Pentecost? How do you sum it up, and apply it to us today?
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Acts 2:1-2:11
Shared: 5/16/2002