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Alan Mccann

Contributor since: Jun 23, 2004
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican

Alan's church

Holy Trinity Woodburn

Carrickfergus *Province/Other , BT38 9RQ
028 93362126

About Alan Mccann

Education: B.A. (Hons) Business Studies, University of Ulster, Jordanstown B.Th., Trinity College, Dublin M.Phil., Queens Univeristy Belfast (Thesis: The Charismatic Movement in the Church of Ireland: a Theological and Historical Introduction). Now studying at Union Theological College, Belfast for a D.Min Attended curriculum approved courses UMBC, Baltimore, Maryland in: Critical Incident Stress Management - Group Crisis Intervention Critical Incident Stress Management - Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support Presently studying Psychological Trauma Management at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown

Comment to those looking at my sermons: i am still learning so be patient - big sign ’Work in progress.’

Sermon or series that made a difference: Too many to name

One of my favorite illustrations: C S Lewis’ man with the lizard on his shoulders, describes so many people it is unreal.

Family: Wife - Janet,we have been married for 15 years. Daughter - Taylor (7 years old)

What my parents think of my sermons: i dont really know - they are generally very encouraging

What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: encouraging and refreshingly honest with me - she is my Barnabas

Best advice given to me about preaching: Stick to the passage, put it in its context and let it dictate to you. The passage is not a washing line for you to hang your thoughts on. Take it to Corinth (if preaching on Corinthians) before you bring to to Woodburn.

Books that have had an impact: Eugene Petersen’s Series of Books on Pastoral care Francis Schaeffer and Ravi Zacharias - big influence As are John Stott, Dick Lucas, etc Brennan Manning’s books have been inspiring. John Eldgredge - has infulenced my understanding of men’s ministry. Joseph Girzone’s Joshua series - were a refreshing read (not very theological but a good read). Essay’s in Telling the Truth - helped understand the present generation and reaching them with the gospel. enjoy reading Hemingway and also Laurens Van der Post (especially about Africa). PG Wodehouse for sheer fun G K Chesterton - excellent reading - especially ’Orthodoxy’ and his ’Father Brown Mysteries.’

Hobbies: Reading, golf, shooting, swimming and meals with friends

If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Jesus loves you, He died for you and He wants you to be with Him for all eternity,will you not come.

Something funny that happened while preaching: A parishioner fell asleep and fell off their chair - then criticised the sermon on the way out.

What I want on my tombstone: Jesus loves me this i know, for the Bible tells me so.