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On Memorial day, we remember and honor those who have stood in the gap between freedom and tyranny. We also are reminded that we are called to stand in the gap for our faith in God.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Ezekiel 22:30
Shared: 5/24/2014
Joshua erected 2 pillars from stones of Jordan's riverbed as a memorial of what God had done for Israel. As we look at Israel's memorial stones we too should be remember what He has done for us.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joshua 4:1-4:9
Shared: 5/29/2014
Sunday is the ultimate "Memorial Day" when we take of the Lord’s Supper. The correlation to our nation’s "Memorial Day" is intriguing.
Shared: 6/5/2001
Remembering the past enables us to live in the present and have life for the future.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 5/26/2003
Sermon for Memorial Day.
Denomination: Holiness
Scripture: Exodus 12:1-12:14
Shared: 12/27/2006
Thoughts for Remembrance Day • That we should be thankful for the sacrifice of others • That we should be dedicated to work for peace and justice in the world • That we should be sorry for human sin and evil.
Series: Stiffkey
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: Psalms 46:1-46:11
Shared: 11/7/2003
For 20 years God’s judgment had been on Israel. He was trying to get them to remember something... but what?
Scripture: 1 Samuel 7:1-7:17
Shared: 5/24/2009
I would propose to you that it is not important who was the very first to celebrate "Memorial Day". What is important is that Memorial Day was established.
Shared: 5/30/2006
I never want to miss an opportunity to preach the Gospel - especially when asked to speak at Remembrance Services.
Scripture: Luke 18:1-18:8
Tags: War
Shared: 10/14/2005
What we choose to remember can powerfully affect our attitudes in the now. Sermon discusses how we can use our memory capacity to facilitate heart-felt worship.
Denomination: Charismatic
Shared: 4/9/2006