• Jerry Cosper

    Contributing sermons since Dec 7, 2010
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Southeast Baptist
San Antonio, Texas 78222

About Jerry
  • Education: M DIV from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Experience: 25 years as Senior Pastor.
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  • Semper Fi

    Contributed on Sep 20, 2022
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    Semper Fi is a phrase that has been adopted by the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi means “always faithful”, or “always loyal.” We are called to serve Him and continue serving Him until He calls us home. Semper Fi, fellow Christians. Always be faithful to the end.

    I don't use a lot of sports illustrations, but I came across this one that leads right into the message today. The clock said 13:19 in the third quarter, and the Houston oilers were so far ahead of the Buffalo bills (35-3) that the fans begin streaming out of the stadium. It was January 3rd, more

  • The Holy Spirit's Indwelling

    Contributed on Sep 7, 2022

    As I deliver this message, I want you to silently ask yourself, “Can I truthfully say that the Holy Spirit lives in me.”

    I'm not sure if I am the only one that does this or not. Growing up, if I was ever walking down a dark country road by myself, I found myself whistling, or singing, or humming an old familiar gospel song. It seemed like it made everything safer. It made me feel protected as I drew myself more

  • Waiting! Expectantly!

    Contributed on Aug 30, 2022

    One day Jesus is coming back, and the signs of His return will be clear and unmistakable. It will be obvious. Even though we don't know for sure when it will be, Jesus’ return will be a powerful, can't-miss-it event.

    I want you all to go back in time with me for a moment when you were a child. E didn’t have xbox, or playstation, or video games. We actually went outside and played face to face with our friends. If you were like me, you'd gather with your friends in the neighborhood and would be out most more

  • Assured Of God's Plan For Us

    Contributed on Aug 24, 2022

    God will always remember His people, even when trouble feels overwhelming. We may face hard times, troubles, and tribulation, but we don’t face them alone.

    Have you ever been in a store and see a child that has gotten separated from his parents? The fear is very evident on the child's face as well as the parents’ face. It's a horrible feeling when the child turns around and can't find his parents. They frantically look through every more

  • Standing Strong

    Contributed on Aug 16, 2022

    God is reminding us that trials are a part of the Christian life. Jesus never glossed over the challenges we face as His children. God reminds us that whatever trial we face, He is there waiting for us to turn it over to Him and stand strong.

    I want you all to think back with me as we begin this morning. Many of us looked forward to leaving high school behind with all of its challenges. Then we began to experience a whole new set of challenges in college or in the workplace. We began wondering what direction we were going to take in more

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  • The Simplicity Of The Gospel

    Contributed on Jan 31, 2022

    How does the thief on the cross fit into your theology? I think many times we complicate the issue of getting into heaven. What is required? Let's think about the the thief on the cross. No baptism, no communion, no confirmation, no speaking in tongues, no mission trip, no volunteerism, and more

  • Our Weakness

    Contributed on Apr 13, 2021

    When I was in my early 20s and a student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, I was, believe it or not, in pretty good shape. I jogged regularly. I was a karate student. I went to the gym 4-5 times a week. I truly was in good shape. Now that I’m older, I’m realizing that I’m not what I used to more

  • Thank You, Mom, For Being Strong For Me

    Contributed on May 4, 2020

    It almost brings tears to my eyes when I watch the commercials where the child is growing up and is leaving home for college, or to get married and live in another city. I think about how difficult it must have been for my mom to watch me drive off to college in another city. And then later to more

  • Grandma's Hands

    Contributed on Mar 23, 2016
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    Grandma’s Hands When I stand at the graveside for an elderly person, I think about the life they have lived, that dash between the birth date and date of death. I think about all they have seen, all they have experienced. And I think about this story that is told: Grandma, some 90+ years, more

  • A Few More Hours

    Contributed on Jan 23, 2013

    A FEW MORE HOURS A young lady busied herself getting ready for a blind date. He had promised dinner at an exclusive downtown restaurant with live music and dancing. Wanting to make a good first impression she had taken the day off work. She cleaned her apartment; she went out that afternoon more