Sermon Series

The Return of the King

6-Week Sermon Series Kit

Jesus is coming back!

Since the moment He ascended, people have wondered when King Jesus would return.

Preach this 6-week series to prepare your people to walk with Jesus, shine for Jesus, and help others come to Jesus in the days leading up to His return.

This sermon series kit includes:

  • 6 Customizable Sermons
  • 6 Sermon Video Bumpers
  • 7 Promotional Images for Social Media
  • 5-Minute Countdown Video
  • Promotional Video (Share it on Facebook)
  • Presentation Slide Deck
  • Sermon Series Planning Guide (Download Free Sample)
Title Scripture Preview
Week 1: Could Jesus Be Coming Soon? Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 66; Zechariah 12; Luke 24; Revelation 11 Download Sermon Preview
Week 2: Signs in the Sky Luke 21:24-25; Joel 2:30-31; Matthew 24:29-47
Week 3: Getting Caught Up 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:50-58; Revelation 20:4-5
Week 4: A Timeline of the Tribulation Revelation 1-19
Week 5: Earth's Best Days Revelation 19:1-20:10
Week 6: The New Creation Revelation 21-22

See how the story ends

6 sermons to inform and educate; to help you present and explain the biblical prophecy surrounding the end times. Saturated in scripture, your preaching will be informative and engaging. SermonCentral has over 45 church-tested series kits to inspire spiritual growth through biblical preaching and attention-grabbing visuals. Unlock all series with PRO Premium.

Ready for the second coming

Every generation thinks the end is imminent, but are today's events pointing to the 2nd coming just around the corner?

Help your congregation invite their friends and neighbors to be a part of this life-changing series. Share these social media graphics on Facebook, Instagram, or even through email or SMS text. Encourage your people to invite their friends.