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Proverbs 22 - AMP

2 The rich and poor meet together; the Lord is the Maker of them all. 3 A prudent man sees the evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished . 4 The reward of humility and the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life. 5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the obstinate and willful; he who guards himself will be far from them. 6 Train up a child in the way he should go , and when he is old he will not depart from it. 7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. 8 He who sows iniquity will reap calamity and futility, and the rod of his wrath will fail. 9 He who has a bountiful eye shall be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor. 10 Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out; yes, strife and abuse will cease. 11 He who loves purity and the pure in heart and who is gracious in speech--because of the grace of his lips will he have the king for his friend. 12 The eyes of the Lord keep guard over knowledge and him who has it, but He overthrows the words of the treacherous. 13 The sluggard says, There is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets! 14 The mouth of a loose woman is a deep pit ; he with whom the Lord is indignant and who is abhorrent to Him will fall into it. 15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him. 16 He who oppresses the poor to get gain for himself and he who gives to the rich--both will surely come to want. 17 Listen (consent and submit) to the words of the wise, and apply your mind to my knowledge; 18 For it will be pleasant if you keep them in your mind ; your lips will be accustomed to them. 19 So that your trust (belief, reliance, support, and confidence) may be in the Lord, I have made known these things to you today, even to you. 20 Have I not written to you excellent things in counsels and knowledge, 21 To make you know the certainty of the words of truth, that you may give a true answer to those who sent you? 22 Rob not the poor , neither oppress the afflicted at the gate , 23 For the Lord will plead their cause and deprive of life those who deprive . 24 Make no friendships with a man given to anger, and with a wrathful man do not associate, 25 Lest you learn his ways and get yourself into a snare. 26 Be not one of those who strike hands and pledge themselves, or of those who become security for another's debts. 27 If you have nothing with which to pay, why should he take your bed from under you? 28 Remove not the ancient landmark which your fathers have set up. 29 Do you see a man diligent and skillful in his business? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.

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Larry  Semore avatar
The Jehovah Names of God
Shared by: Larry Semore on Feb, 2017
Summary: By understanding the various names of God He is more fully revealed to us.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Proverbs 22:1
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 57
John Crowe avatar
Don't move those rocks!
Shared by: John Crowe on Jul, 2016
Summary: A sermon focusing on Religious Freedom special thanks to, Joey Nelson, Bill Huth, Congresman Jack Kingston, Solomon
Scripture: Proverbs 22:28
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 267
Michael Luke avatar
A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids
Shared by: Michael Luke on Jul, 2016
Summary: The problem with this myth is that people have confused a promise with a proverb and that creates a great problem.
Series: Mythbusters
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Views: 801
Ted J. Smith avatar
Godly Tools for Men
Shared by: Ted J. Smith on Jun, 2016
Summary: There’s something both comforting and encouraging about tools. Tools can empower a man to do things he might not otherwise try to tackle. So today I want to look at a few of the essential tools God has provided for us guys.
William R. Nabaza avatar
Train up a child
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Jun, 2016
Summary: To show that the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Trainor of our children, we just nurture and bring them up to the LORD through His WORDS.
Tim Pollock avatar
Never Stop Getting the Word into Your Children
Shared by: Tim Pollock on May, 2016
Summary: Sermon Series by Dr. Tim Pollock on Parenting
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 98
Tim Pollock avatar
Loving and Strict Discipline Eventually Gets the Job Done
Shared by: Tim Pollock on May, 2016
Summary: Sermon Series by Dr. Tim Pollock on Parenting
Scripture: Proverbs 22:15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 88
Tim Pollock avatar
Wise Correction Grows a Spiritual Son or Daughter
Shared by: Tim Pollock on May, 2016
Summary: Sermon Series by Dr. Tim Pollock on Parenting
Scripture: Proverbs 22:13-14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 95
Davon Huss avatar
Radical Restoration of the Family
Shared by: Davon Huss on May, 2016
Summary: Let's talk about 5 radical priorities for parents (Material adapted from Dennis Rainey's book, A Call to Family Reformation, Chapter 7 Parenting with a Purpose, pgs. 119-139)
David Owens avatar
Borrowing and Saving - Should Christians Do Either?
Shared by: David Owens on Sep, 2015
Summary: In this lesson, we study what the Bible has to say about borrowing and saving.
John Colbert avatar
Just one word, the Children.
Shared by: John Colbert on Jun, 2015
Summary: “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules the World “is a poem written by William Ross Wallace in 1865, and it is more practical than people think and even more today.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 288
Perry Greene avatar
Landmark Legacies
Shared by: Perry Greene on Jun, 2015
Summary: Dads can give their children landmarks to help direct their journey with God.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Proverbs 22:28
Views: 1,323
Davon Huss avatar
Marriage and Money
Shared by: Davon Huss on Mar, 2015
Summary: From Proverbs, let's discuss 5 principles of money management (Material adapted from Mark Adams at Redland Baptist Church at: http://www.redlandbaptist.org/sermon/managing-money-right/)
Series: Family 2015
Ed Vasicek avatar
The Unfortunate, the Hothead, and the Believer
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Dec, 2014
Summary: As representatives of our Lord and Savior, we want to reflect the ethical behavior that should characterize God’s people. Today we will look at two ethics we need to embrace.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:22-25
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 597
Ed Vasicek avatar
The Effort and Universality of Wisdom
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Nov, 2014
Summary: Wisdom is worth the work!
Scripture: Proverbs 22:17-22
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 296
Ed Vasicek avatar
When Foolishness Becomes Creative
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Nov, 2014
Summary: Foolishness is not just a general concept, it shows itself in concrete situations, like the three we will examine this morning.
Ed Vasicek avatar
The Graciousness Spectrum
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Nov, 2014
Summary: We humans and yes, we believers, are not all good or bad, black or white. We exist on a spectrum; at one end is Christlikeness, graciousness, truth, love. On the other end is self-centeredness, withholding of grace, compromised truth, and control.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:8-12
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 508
Ed Vasicek avatar
Getting A Handle on Life
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Oct, 2014
Summary: Life is more than bowl of cherries, and God wants us to take life seriously. He gives us specific hands-on instructions about how to do this in his Word. Today, we will examine three principles that summarize how to get a handle on life as believers.
Ed Vasicek avatar
Giant Issues in Life
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Oct, 2014
Summary: Although we cannot offer a fool-proof plan that is guaranteed to work, we can look at some proverbs that will help us be more likely to be on the winning side of life’s biggest issues. But we must be willing to surrender our sacred cows.
Shared by: OKOYE BENJAMIN on Sep, 2014
Scripture: Proverbs 22:1-6
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 880
Larry Turner avatar
Wise Words for the Right Path
Shared by: Larry Turner on Aug, 2014
Summary: Childrens dedication service featuring 5 aspects that will assist in giving God a child truly dedicated to him.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Denomination: Foursquare
Views: 949
William R. Nabaza avatar
Riches, honor and life
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Aug, 2014
Summary: To show that riches, honor and life came from serving the LORD with reverential fear.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:4
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 884
Dave Ramsey avatar
Wealth, Wisdom and the World
Shared by: Dave Ramsey on May, 2014
Summary: Everyone makes mistakes with money. Apply these five simple but profound principles from God's Word to your life to make fewer mistakes.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 22:7
Views: 2,073
Jim Kilson avatar
A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids
Shared by: Jim Kilson on Apr, 2014
Summary: Part 3 of 10 in a series dedicated to debunking commonly held myths that we think are in the Bible but really aren't, myths that can and often do have devastating effects on our faith.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Denomination: Christian Church
Views: 752
Dean Courtier avatar
Elijah and the woman with sticks (A Mothering Sunday Sermon)
Shared by: Dean Courtier on Apr, 2014
Summary: God will always find a way to speak to us. Sometimes its a verse of scripture. Sometimes its a song. Sometimes its His voice we hear. Sometimes He will use a person. For this woman, God brings the prophet Elijah into her life.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 22:6
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 4,457
Larry Scott King avatar
The Old Landmark
Shared by: Larry Scott King on Mar, 2014
Summary: Coming home to God, Missions, Witness your Faith
Jeff van Wyk avatar
The Market Place
Shared by: Jeff van Wyk on Aug, 2013
Summary: The marketplace touches virtually every person on the earth and this includes the church. The church cannot ignore what goes on in the world and should position itself to be effective in society as a whole which includes the marketplace.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:29
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 1,271
Chuck Sligh avatar
Remove Not the Ancient Landmark
Shared by: Chuck Sligh on Jul, 2013
Summary: Sermon 3 in the series “Church Matters" - An reminder to remember and continue the landmarks our church was built on.
Scripture: Proverbs 22:28
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,077
Tom Shepard avatar
Proberbs 22 - On Life and Conduct
Shared by: Tom Shepard on Jul, 2013
Summary: This is a verse by verse look at Proverbs chapter 22.
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 22:1-29
Views: 1,776
Dr. Ronald Shultz avatar
Praise And Testimony
Shared by: Dr. Ronald Shultz on Jun, 2013
Summary: Let your testimony be praise to Him!
Scripture: Proverbs 22:22-26
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,075