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Psalms 146 - AMP

2 While I live will I praise the Lord; I will sing praises to my God while I have any being. 3 Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help. 4 When his breath leaves him, he returns to his earth; in that very day his thoughts, plans, and purposes perish. 5 Happy (blessed, fortunate, enviable) is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God, 6 Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, Who keeps truth and is faithful forever, 7 Who executes justice for the oppressed, Who gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets free the prisoners, 8 The Lord opens the eyes of the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous (those upright in heart and in right standing with Him). 9 The Lord protects and preserves the strangers and temporary residents, He upholds the fatherless and the widow and sets them upright, but the way of the wicked He makes crooked (turns upside down and brings to ruin). 10 The Lord shall reign forever, even Your God, O Zion, from generation to generation. Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)

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David Owens avatar
We Can Be Good Citizens
Shared by: David Owens on Feb, 2017
Summary: Christianity has been around for a long time, and Christians have lived in every country and under all kinds of governments. God requires that Christians put their trust in God and to obey the leaders and laws of the country in which they live.
Rev. Matthew Parker avatar
Knowing God Through Worship
Shared by: Rev. Matthew Parker on Jun, 2016
Summary: The Psalmist shows us how it is that we grow in our knowledge of God through the act of worship.
David Radcliff avatar
Shared by: David Radcliff on Mar, 2016
Summary: Happiness is not something that just happens accidentally. God's word makes it plain that the only source is in Christ Jesus the Lord. It would not seem so strange if only the lost were void of happiness, but numbers of those who call themselves Christians are found in the sad company.
Scripture: Psalms 146:5
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 278
Ian Humphrey avatar
Why we should PRAISE GOD!
Shared by: Ian Humphrey on Nov, 2015
Summary: Why we should PRAISE GOD!
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-17
Denomination: Holiness
Views: 271
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
A Call to Worship
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Aug, 2015
Summary: Who is this LORD, that we should worship Him? Why should we trust and praise this God?
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Views: 1,724
Kevin Ruffcorn avatar
The Site of Hope
Shared by: Kevin Ruffcorn on Jul, 2015
Summary: God is the source of our hope and the reason for our praise
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 1,142
Graham Taylor avatar
In what do you trust
Shared by: Graham Taylor on Jul, 2015
Summary: The fruits that trust in God in Christ brings.
William R. Nabaza avatar
Happy person
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Oct, 2014
Summary: To show what is a real happy person in the Bible.
Scripture: Psalms 146:5
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 2,176
John McCormack avatar
Shared by: John McCormack on Apr, 2013
Scripture: Psalms 146:8
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 361
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Oct, 2012
Summary: This election is very important, but despite the outcome, we still may find ourselves disillusioned. David has sage advice for us: "Do not put your trust in princes." So what should be the object of our Trust? There are 3 accessories to gain that trust.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:3
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 5,265
Daren Mitchell avatar
God is Just
Shared by: Daren Mitchell on Jun, 2012
Summary: What if it’s not enough to be a church member or attender? What if it’s not enough to raise our kids to be Christians? What if it’s not enough to simply study the Bible or belong to a small group?
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Views: 1,571
Perry Greene avatar
Hope For Even Me
Shared by: Perry Greene on Apr, 2012
Summary: Our dependence on God is the source of our hope. Biblical hope is more than desire. It is a focus on the realities of our God.
based on 2 ratings
Views: 1,664
Mike Fogerson avatar
Seeing Higher Ground When the Ground is Shaking
Shared by: Mike Fogerson on Dec, 2010
Summary: A look at the praise, precaution, & promise that will allow us to see the higher ground.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 3,443
Russell Brownworth avatar
Part Five - Choosing Worship
Shared by: Russell Brownworth on Sep, 2009
Summary: What it means to be a church member
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-147:20
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 1,197
Ray Ellis avatar
Hope In the Lord
Shared by: Ray Ellis on Jun, 2009
Summary: Message to High School Youth
based on 86 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:5
Denomination: Free Methodist
Views: 63,350
Daniel Habben avatar
“Hallelujah!” – A Word for Every Occasion
Shared by: Daniel Habben on Dec, 2007
Summary: Because of God’s great love for us, we can say "Hallelujah!" no matter what we’re facing in life.
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 4,193
Efren Narido avatar
Shared by: Efren Narido on Jun, 2007
Summary: You may be suffering from blindness that you are not aware of! It’s worse than physical blindness.
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:8
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 4,956
Neil Lieder avatar
God's Garage
Shared by: Neil Lieder on Feb, 2007
Summary: Learn to Drive Series Week 8:Proper Care and Maintenance of your life’s vehicle is to be done by the Master Mechanic, God.
based on 20 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 142:1-146:10
Views: 5,434
Russell Brownworth avatar
I Believe in Family
Shared by: Russell Brownworth on Sep, 2006
Summary: Individual commitment to obey God is the key to changing our culture to child-friendly and family safe!
Series: I Believe
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 620
W. Maynard Pittendreigh avatar
Psalms of Praise
Shared by: W. Maynard Pittendreigh on Jan, 2006
Summary: We are too self-centered in our worship. Psalms of praise helps us to focus on God.
based on 33 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 4,995
Rule Digal avatar
The Psalmist's Picture of God
Shared by: Rule Digal on Nov, 2005
Summary: Life is not always wonderful; but we have the greatest reason to rejoice: our God is the powerful God of history, the Personal and Active God, and the God of Creation.
based on 17 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Views: 1,551
Ralph Andrus avatar
Ingredients For Success
Shared by: Ralph Andrus on Jul, 2005
Summary: Ingredients For Success Include: 1. Goals 2. Responisbility 3. Keep Growing
based on 15 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 4,972
Ray Ellis avatar
Happy Are the Youth Whose Hope is in the Lord
Shared by: Ray Ellis on Jun, 2005
Summary: This is a message given on a Sunday morning speaking primarily to youth graduating from High School. The goal of the message is to provide hope for the future for all in the congregation.
based on 29 ratings
Denomination: Free Methodist
Views: 15,602
Russell Brownworth avatar
The Kiss of Worship
Shared by: Russell Brownworth on Oct, 2004
Summary: Psalm 146 and 147 neatly answer the questions about worship: WHAT…WHY…HOW?
based on 43 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-147:20
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 2,525
Joel Santos avatar
Put Your Trust in God
Shared by: Joel Santos on Sep, 2004
Summary: Why is it wise to trust in God and not in men? God is worthy of our trust but man is not.
based on 31 ratings
Views: 4,327
Jose Cabajar avatar
Life-time Commitment To God
Shared by: Jose Cabajar on Nov, 2003
Summary: Understanding the intensity of our commitments.
based on 57 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,663
Joseph Smith avatar
Worship: What?
Shared by: Joseph Smith on Jul, 2003
Summary: Worship will not satisfy unless it has both the elements of "spirit" and "truth". To worship without knowing the Bible is to fall for "feel-good" religion. And to worship without connecting with Christ is to go through the motions.
based on 15 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,529
Paul Jesudoss avatar
Shared by: Paul Jesudoss on Nov, 2002
based on 19 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 4,074
Jorge Alvarez avatar
Una Alma Llena De Alabanza
Shared by: Jorge Alvarez on Aug, 2002
Summary: La alabanza no es meramente canto de los dientes para afuera, sino que sale de lo mas profundo de nuestro ser. Te invito para que alabes como el salmista lo hizo.
based on 76 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,124
Dr. Jerry Morrissey avatar
Praise is recognition of what really is, acknowledgment not added knowledge
Shared by: Dr. Jerry Morrissey on Sep, 2001
Summary: Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost September 30, 2001 Year C Psalm 146:1-10 Title: “Praise is recognition of what really is, acknowledgment not added knowledge.”
based on 59 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 146:1-10
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 6,192