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Matthew 9 - NIV

35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.

36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

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Leighton (Lee) Vary avatar
Go into all the World
Shared by: Leighton (Lee) Vary on Feb, 2017
Summary: Jesus went where the sinners were. He took advantage of the opportunities to heal, mind, body, and soul. Our mandate is to go.
David Nolte avatar
Shared by: David Nolte on Oct, 2016
Summary: Jesus sees a great haravest but few workers
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Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
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Dan Proctor avatar
How To Keep From Missing The Harvest (Part 2)
Shared by: Dan Proctor on Sep, 2016
Summary: There is a harvest of people with spiritual needs. They need Jesus Christ. I am sure that you know people that need Christ in their life. You desire for them to know Jesus and the life and peace He brings.
Series: The Gospels
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-38
Denomination: Bible Church
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Dan Proctor avatar
How To Find Laborers For God’s Harvest
Shared by: Dan Proctor on Sep, 2016
Summary: Jesus proceeded to give the disciples the key to finding laborers. What is the first word of verse 38? “PRAY ye therefore the Lord of the harvest…”
Series: The Gospels
Scripture: Matthew 9:37-38
Denomination: Bible Church
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Dan Proctor avatar
How To Keep From Missing The Harvest (Part 1)
Shared by: Dan Proctor on Aug, 2016
Summary: Did you know that God can use you and wants to use you? His plan is to use His children to bring in the harvest of lost souls. But how can we keep from missing that harvest?
Series: The Gospels
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-38
Denomination: Bible Church
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Dan Proctor avatar
Let’s Not Miss The Harvest! (Part 2)
Shared by: Dan Proctor on Aug, 2016
Summary: Jesus was too concerned about the souls of people to get distracted with minor, unimportant matters. If we aren’t focused on Christ, we can become self-absorbed and inwardly focused like the Pharisees, and we’ll miss the harvest.
Series: The Gospels
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-38
Denomination: Bible Church
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Jeffery Anselmi avatar
What Do I Believe About Compassion?
Shared by: Jeffery Anselmi on May, 2016
Summary: Compassion is something we all need to develop. The world we live in can drain it out of us!
Scripture: Matthew 9:36
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Sherm Nichols avatar
Getting the Father’s Heart
Shared by: Sherm Nichols on Mar, 2016
Summary: The first necessity of getting evangelism in-hand is that we learn to have a heart for the lost - a heart like the Father's
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
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Lynn Malone avatar
The Cause
Shared by: Lynn Malone on Feb, 2016
Summary: The Church is called by Christ to be ON a mission. There is one reason that underlies the entirety of the mission--the crowds. This message explores the reasons Jesus called the Church to be on a mission.
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: United Methodist
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Jimmy Haile avatar
Workers In The Field
Shared by: Jimmy Haile on Sep, 2015
Summary: We have been swayed by Hollywood to believe, that if someone is possessed, they have to spit pea soup and their heads have to spend around backwards! That is just not true!please enter a brief summary that helps other preachers know the focus of your sermon
Scripture: Matthew 9:32-38
Denomination: Baptist
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Dave McFadden avatar
"Our Ministry"
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Sep, 2015
Summary: Making disciples is the ministry that every Child of god is to be part of.
Scripture: Matthew 9:37-38
Denomination: Baptist
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Darian Catron avatar
How to be a Relevant Church
Shared by: Darian Catron on Jul, 2015
Summary: Do we believe that God is relevant to the needs of today? Do we believe that God is applicable to our needs today? If we believe that God is the solution, then what are we doing about it?
Mark Mitchell avatar
Gathering the Harvest
Shared by: Mark Mitchell on Mar, 2015
Summary: The church needs to have as much anguish for the lost as Christ
Scripture: Matthew 8:35-9:38
Denomination: Baptist
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Ronald  Thorington avatar
#14 The Holy Spirit Compels Us
Shared by: Ronald Thorington on Mar, 2015
Summary: This message speaks about the wrong methods of motivating people to serve God, the wrong motives in serving God, and how the Holy Spirit compels us with the right motives to serve God
Dave McFadden avatar
“Going As Jesus Went”
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Mar, 2015
Summary: How do we fulfill our God-given mission?
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Baptist
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Dennis Davidson avatar
Shared by: Dennis Davidson on Mar, 2015
Summary: This short powerful passage provides insight into Jesus’ motivation for advancing the training of His disciples to the next level or on to ministering to people in teams. The reason is Jesus’ compassion for the masses. Jesus saw beyond the physical broken
Series: Matthew
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Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Baptist
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Kevin L. Jones avatar
Preparing For The Harvest
Shared by: Kevin L. Jones on Jan, 2015
Summary: A sermon examining the importance of evangelism in the life of a believer.
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Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Baptist
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William R. Nabaza avatar
Sheep without a shepherd
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Oct, 2014
Summary: To show that shepherds need to act like associates of the LORD. Sheeps are helpless and wandered because of the fault and problem with shepherd.
Scripture: Matthew 9:36
Denomination: Independent/Bible
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Andy Grossman avatar
When the Fire dies Down
Shared by: Andy Grossman on Sep, 2014
Summary: God wants to help us through the fire and after the fire as well.
John Lowe avatar
Outward, Inward, Upward
Shared by: John Lowe on Aug, 2014
Summary: Jesus gives us a picture of the world being ready for a great spiritual harvest, but in need of laborers to gather it into the barns. He urges the disciples to pray that the Lord of the harvest, who is Jesus Himself, will send forth the workers to gather it.
edwin catungal avatar
Every Member Called
Shared by: edwin catungal on Jul, 2014
Summary: Challenging every church member to take an active part in the ministries of the church towards church growth. Every member is called by Jesus Christ, coached by the Holy Spirit and commissioned by the Almighty God so there can be enough harvest workers.
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Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
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Jim Butcher avatar
An Overlooked Key First Step Toward Spiritual Harvest
Shared by: Jim Butcher on Mar, 2014
Summary: A look at the evangelism prayer that Jesus told us to pray (but we don't) as well as five of the reasons we need this prayer.
Jim Butcher avatar
What Was Jesus’ Primary Emotion Toward The Lost?
Shared by: Jim Butcher on Feb, 2014
Summary: A look at the compassion that Jesus felt toward the lost and how we can move to be more like Him.
Ron Tuit avatar
Shepherdless Sheep and Full Fields
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Jul, 2013
Summary: Jesus always taught by personal example and by giving contemporary examples. He uses two pictures to show 2 needs in the Kingdom of God.
Series: Matthew
Pastor: Jose Luis Dejoy avatar
Shared by: Pastor: Jose Luis Dejoy on Jun, 2013
Summary: Sea creyente o no todos de alguna manera queremos un milagro, así diga que no cree en los milagros divinos como lo expresamos los cristianos anhela que en su vida suceda algo que sea fuera de lo normal, así después lo llame casualidad. U obra del destino.
Series: Mateo
Scripture: Matthew 8:1-9:38
Denomination: Christian Church
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Patrick Oelund avatar
Moved with compassion
Shared by: Patrick Oelund on Jun, 2013
Summary: When ministering to people we need to have compassion
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Pentecostal
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Michael Deutsch avatar
Tithing Your Time
Shared by: Michael Deutsch on Dec, 2012
Summary: What we do with our time is God's business. How can we honor God with what we do?
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Baptist
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Thomas Swope avatar
What’s Your Job In His Kingdom?
Shared by: Thomas Swope on Nov, 2012
Summary: A study of the Gospel of Matthew 9: 35 – 38
Series: Matthew
Scripture: Matthew 9:35-38
Denomination: Calvary Chapel
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Larry Turner avatar
Church Ain't For Me.
Shared by: Larry Turner on Aug, 2012
Summary: A closer look at why people do not attend church and a challenge for the church to reach them.
Rick Burdette avatar
One Year to a Life Turned Upside down
Shared by: Rick Burdette on Apr, 2012
Summary: THE RADICAL EXPERIMENT Matt 9: 36-38 (p687) October 30, 2011 INTRODUCTION: INTRO,- ILL. - A journalist was assigned to the Jerusalem bureau of his newspaper. He got an apartment overlooking the Wailing Wall. After several weeks he realized th
Scripture: Matthew 9:36-39
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