Dear Church Leader,

I loved The Passion of the Christ but had one major disappointment:  It understated the resurrection of Jesus.  I understand Mel Gibson's artistic touch in doing so.  It’s just not how I would have depicted it.  We’re talking about a RESURRECTION!!!  There is no other person in history that has died, rose again, and didn’t die again.  Jesus.  God.  Power over death!  Where the Passion left off, we can pick up and proclaim the Gospel from that point:  Jesus has crushed death and invites all who will to step across the divide into an eternal relationship with him.  Preach it, pastor!  Preach it with all you’ve got!!!

My prayer is that your sermon this Easter will be anointed with great power as you celebrate this INCREDIBLE event.

In Jesus—the Resurrection and the Life!


Ron Forseth
General Editor

Easter Service Discussion

In this forum we’d like to invite pastors to share how they keep Easter “fresh” as the celebration comes around each year:

  • Are there new angles on the resurrection story that you have thought of?
  • What do you do to most effectively connect with the unchurched visitors that visit on Easter Sunday?
  • Which Gospel do you most like to preach from when proclaiming the Resurrection?
  • How do you personally articulate the power of the resurrection?

Answer these questions—or share other Easter Service ideas or questions with your fellow pastors here…