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SC Book Recommendation
Good dads are almost as rare as fire-breathing dragons--or at least so it seems. New from Donald Miller, author of the critically acclaimed Blue Like Jazz, comes a gut-wrenchingly honest look at growing up without a father. In a unique, literary style, Donald and John MacMurray--the man who taught Donald the things his dad never did--encourage readers to both recognize and leave behind the disappointment and emotional scars marked by having absent earthly fathers.

SC Book Recommendation
Fathers of Influence features men throughout history who have made a difference in the world or raised their children to have a powerful impact on the world. Organized to present each father individually, this book contains the name, dates he lived, a Father of Influence Principle that highlights the significant contribution the father made to the world or to his child's life, a Bible verse that complements the principle and a short biographical sketch of his life. Also included is a "Famous Fathers of the Bible" section and a discussion on what it means to be a father of influence.


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