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Preaching Sermons for Funerals

Preaching a message for a funeral or memorial service? Browse free funeral sermons, ideas and illustrations for preaching on funerals, church PowerPoints on funerals, and funeral-focused videos.
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Sermons for Funerals

Funeral Sermon: General, Psalm 23:1-6
By W. Maynard Pittendreigh

Funeral Message: General, John 11:1-31
By Brian Bill

To Die is Gain—Funeral Sermon: Christian Gentleman, Philippians 1:21
By Howard Mcglamery

Funeral Service: Elderly Christian Lady, Job 19:25-27
By John Hamby

Funeral Meditation: General, John 14:1-6
By David DeWitt

Thoughts of Comfort: Unchurched, John 14:1-6
By Tom Shepard

Funeral—Meaning of Death, John 14:1-27
By Barry Hidey

Funeral Sermon: Christian, Deuteronomy 29:29
By Joseph Wallis

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Ideas and Illustrations for Funerals

Free quote on funerals: D. L. Moody Quote »

Free story on funerals: My God Does Not Push Old Ladies Down Church Steps! »

Free story on funerals: Origin of Taps »

Free story on funerals: WW2 Story »

Free quote on funerals: General Patton Quote »

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PowerPoint Backgrounds for Funerals

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Video Illustrations on Funerals

  • Welcome Home

    Great for funerals or inspirational time, this music video of Psalm 23 is a reminder of our blessed hope, eternity with the Lord.

    Produced by: Callividgraphy Musical Bible

  • Alone

    The pain of losing someone can be crushing. This video could be used for any service dealing with personal loss, funerals, death or the need for support.

    Produced by: Dunnlights Inc. (E)

  • Funeral

    Many of us don't know what to say to our friends and loved ones during their times of tragedy. During these akwards moments, we often say things that don't help, or make things worse.

    Produced by: Lake Avenue Church

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