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Great Sermons on Mission & Outreach

Preaching a sermon or sermon series on the need for missions and outreach in your church. Browse free missional sermons, ideas and illustrations for preaching on missions, church PowerPoints on outreach, and mission-focused videos.

Sermons and Series on Missions

On Mission With Christ, John 20:19-20:23
By Dennis Davidson

God Uses Ordinary People for Extraordinary Tasks, Mark 14:1-14:9
By Kelvin Parks

Angry Over Vines, Jonah 4:4-4:11
By Leland Patrick

Every Tribe, Revelation 5:9
By Jerry Shirley

Reaching Across the World, Acts 1:8-1:11
By Jeff Strite

Three Absolute Truths That Determine The Harvest, Psalms 126:5-126:6
By George Bannister

A Mission For Everyone, Luke 10:1-10:11
By Steven Simala Grant

A Dynamic Church Takes the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth, Acts 1:1-1:11
By Glenn Durham

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Ideas and Illustrations for Missions

Free story on missions: Blood Flows in the Bomokande »

Free story on missions: The Last Letter of Karen Watson »

Free story on missions: My Belief in God »

Free story on missions: The Story of Marie Monsen »

Free story on missions: The Story of William Borden »

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Video Illustrations on Missions

  • The Plate

    A powerful illustration of how God uses our tithes and offerings to build His Kingdom and meet the needs within the church, the community, and around the world.

    Produced by: Restoration Videos

  • Heart of God

    Powerful words of missionary leaders and from Scripture will penetrate the hearts of those who view this video. 'Heart of God' is a must-have for any service emphasizing the Great Commission or for your next missions conference.

    Produced by: WorshipFilms

  • We Are The Church Intro

    This powerful intro will empower your people to stand up and be the people they are meant to be in the church. Our church doesn't exist just for us. It exists FOR the world. It exists to CHANGE the world.This is why we are here. WE ARE THE CHURCH.

    Produced by: Fresh Purpose Productions

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