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What is ONE Sabbath?

Hunger, poverty, disease, and even slavery. There is an excessive amount of pain in our present world. Jesus cares deeply about those who suffer. He asks us to remember the poor. He says that what we do for them we do for him. ONE Sabbath, an initiative of the ONE Campaign, is an opportunity to do what Jesus says. You can raise your church’s level of awareness and move them to action by engaging in a ONE Sabbath weekend this fall.

(See: Matthew 9:35-36; Matthew 25:37-40; Mark 10:21; Galatians 2:10)

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1. Remember the Poor by Mike Wilkins
2. Helping Hurting People by Steve Shepherd
3. God’s Heart for the Poor by Ken Ritz
4. A Christian Response to Poverty by Gene Gregory
5. Reaching Out to the Poor by Wes Richard
6. Red Letters: We Are the Good Samaritan by Tom Davis
7. The Poor Will Always Be With You by W. Maynard Pittendreigh
8. Preaching to the Poor by Jerry Falwell
9. Loving the Outcast by Jim Kilson
10. Compelling Compassion by Doug Vance

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The Preacher and the Barber Contributed by Mark Evans

Shocking Conditions Source: Anita Goulden

Astounding Marriage Results Source: Arie Farnnam

Two Different Worlds Source: Brett Blair

The First Christmas Card Contributed by Rodney Buchanan

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