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Free Valentine's Day Sermons, Illustrations, PowerPoints, & Videos

Preaching a sermon for Valentine's Day? Browse Valentine's Day sermons, ideas and illustrations for your special message.

Sermons for Valentine's Day

Valentine Dreams by Billy Blackmon
John 15:9-17

Valentine's Day: A Love Worth Giving by Scott Bayles
John 15:9-17

The Power of True Love! by Joel Santos
1 Corinthians 13:1-13

How Christians Should Celebrate Valentine's Day by David Rigg
1 Corinthians 13:8-13

Bible Kisses: A Valentine's Message by Robert Cobb
Luke 22:47-48

The Loving the Bride: A Valentine's Day Sermon by Jeff Strite
John 21:1-19

Love: Passion or Promise? by Jerry Shirley
Hosea 2:1-3:5

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PowerPoint Backgrounds for Valentine's Day

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Ideas and Illustrations for Valentine's Day

Free Valentine's Day Statistics: Valentine's Day Sales »

Free Valentine's Day History: Regarding Saint Valentine »

Free Valentine's Day Quote: The Missing Part of the Heart »

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Video Illustrations for Valentine's Day

  • Give Love

    The word “Love” is a word used for all sorts of passions. But do we love sports the same way we love people God gave us the best example of love so that we can understand what love is meant to be.

    Produced by: Media Fuel

  • needHarmony: Definition of Love

    There are some real humdinger definitions of love out there and the Skit Guys have come up with a hilarious parody commercial that shows just how crazy love can be! How do you define love Is it a dozen roses with a box of candy Or dinner and a long walk on the beach Maybe it’s something simple like your husband finally doing the dishes for once or your wife giving you an extra 15 minutes to finish that last level of Guitar Hero. Grab a copy of “Need Harmony” for your Valentine’s Day event today!

    Produced by: The Skit Guys

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