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Preaching Sermons on Encouragement

Preaching a sermon or sermon series on encouragement? Browse free encouragement sermons, ideas and illustrations for preaching on encouragement, church PowerPoints on encouragement, and encouragement-focused videos.

Sermons and Series on Encouragement

Encourage Yourself In The Lord, 1 Samuel 30:1-30:6
By Nigel Graham David

Take the Risk and Try Again, Ephesians 2:10
By Isaias Sanchez

Finding God’s Comfort, Isaiah 40:25-40:31
By Ajai Prakash

Back in the Day, Isaiah 23:11-23:18
By K. Simms

Living for Jesus in the Valley, Mark 9:14-9:29
By John Hamby

Remembering God, Psalms 121:1-121:8
By Mark Roper

It Ain’t Over...Until God Says...It’s Over, Ezekiel 37:1-37:14
By Victoria Oladipupo

Positioned for Blessings, Genesis 26:1-26:12
By Revivalist Terry Sisney

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Ideas and Illustrations for Encouragement

Free story on encouragement: You Can't Just Sit Around »

Free story on encouragement: Wranglers, Not Stranglers »

Free quote on encouragement: Look at Yourself as What You'll Be »

Free story on encouragement: It Could Be Done »

Free quote on encouragement: I'd Give More Praise »

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PowerPoint Backgrounds for Encouragement

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Video Illustrations on Encouragement

  • Preach To The End - Perseverance Countdown

    A great New Years message, graduation time, evangelism, mission or leadership call, inspiration for missions or message on perserverance, giving or purpose, this music video is Pauls encouragement to FIGHT and, even in the final days, preach, preach, preach to the end.

    Produced by: Callividgraphy Musical Bible

  • People

    What do you see when you look at people For the man who simply needs encouragement to the heart-broken woman who needs much more, Jesus looks at each one and knows their heart and their need.

    Produced by: Resonate Volume 1

  • Encouragement (from the Scriptures)

    Stress and depression can discourage godly people and cause them to question their faith.

    Produced by: FishXpressions

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