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February 18, 2007 has been designated Amazing Grace Sunday. encourages all churches to participate by singing “Amazing Grace” on this weekend. Below you will find a variety of ways you can participate in this great celebration.

Join with churches around the world in the singing of Amazing Grace.  We encourage you to register your church’s participation on the Amazing Grace Sunday website.

Here are 10 model sermons from SermonCentral contributors to help you begin crafting an Amazing Grace sermon of your own.

Amazing Grace by Jonathan McLeod

Faiths Review And Expectation -- Amazing Grace by Howard McGlamery

Amazing Grace by Carlton Witherspoon

God’s Amazing Grace by Dan Borchert

Amazing Grace by David DeWitt

Amazing Grace! By John Kapteyn

Marvelous Amazing Grace by John Beehler

Amazing Grace by Tim Zingale

Confessing Amazing Grace by Greg Nance

Lord I need Your Amazing Grace  by Jim Parisi

Many more Amazing Grace Sermons can be found on SermonCentral here.  New ones are being added all the time.

Preaching Impact: 
Made to Count

William Wilberforce is a shining example of one who discovered and lived out the purpose for which God created him.  That same high impact message, that each one of us is “Made to Count” to fulfill a purpose for which God has created us, is ideal for preaching to your congregation.  Pastors can lead their own churches through a 50-day adventure called “The Made to Count Journey.” Bob Reccord and Randy Singer have written a book and carefully prepared a turnkey set of resources for guiding every individual in your church in a discovery of how they were “made to count”—to make a positive difference in the world as God has uniquely created them to do.  You can read an excerpt from “Made to Count” about John Newton and the impact he had on William Wilberforce by clicking on the links.  You may also learn more about “The Made to Count Journey” by clicking here.  Sermon’s by Bob Reccord, including his high-impact sermon “Called to Count.”

Receive a special Amazing Grace Gift Pack worth more than $100 for doing so. Become eligible to win a first edition 1799 copy of William Wilberforce’s book Real Christianity. Click here for details.

The Amazing Grace movie releases February 23 in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.

Amazing Grace is the thrilling story of William Wilberforce and his quest to undo slavery through the British Parliament.  See a trailer of the movie here:

Take a group to see the movie together.  Include members of your church and make it an outreach by including friends who will resonate with the cause of justice then and now

Support The Amazing Change campaign fighting for more than 27 million people still held in slavery around the world in our current day.

Sign the petition opposing modern day slavery.

Collect change (and paper money, too!) to support organizations fighting against slavery today.

Continue the work of William Wilberforce and get yourself and your church involved in fighting modern slavery.

The lyrics and sheet music for the song

Exclusive trailer to show in church

The Petition