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Sermons for Youth and Teens

Make this the biggest outreach for teens ... ever!

Teens are hurting. They're bombarded with challenges and choices their parents never had to consider. Pressures blindside them daily as they face choices that will impact their lives forever. There's an urgent need to bring teens help and hope. That's our motivation behind To Save A Life—and we need your help.

Our dream is for students to see To Save A Life with their friends and then live differently on their campuses. We want every high schooler in North America to have the chance to see this movie—then discuss its characters and themes in a safe setting.

Join other groups, teens, and youth workers to help make this the biggest outreach for teens ever—an effort that could change high school culture forever!

Bring TO SAVE A LIFE To Your Community - Learn How

Spread The Word And Mobilize

Everyone can play a role. Start by connecting with others in your area devoted to helping teenagers: schools, churches/youth groups, youth clubs (such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America), youth ministries (such as Young Life, FCA, etc.), recreation centers, businesses and others.

Build On Your Own Efforts

Use the movie and its follow-up resources to support and enhance your own efforts to help and minister to teens. There's a seven-week study curriculum, an audio Devo2Go just like the one used in the movie, and more—all created to get teens talking and answering the most important question: What is my life going to be about?

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