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  • A Lesson In The Leftovers

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Jan 4, 2021

    Have we ever thought about what happened with the leftovers?

    Undoubtedly many have heard this passage of Scripture before. Hopefully, many have read this story. This is the story of where Jesus feeds the multitude, the five thousand. What a miracle to perform. I cannot imagine trying to feed that many people. no doubt there are quite a few mothers out there more

  • EvangelizaciÓn Series

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on May 26, 2020

    Esta es la historia de cómo Eliseo le devuelve la vida a un niño. ¿Qué tiene que ver con el evangelismo? Simple, alguien necesitaba escuchar la Palabra de Dios, y entonces Dios envió a alguien.

    En los versículos 8-11: Una mujer sunamita se da cuenta de un hombre de Dios que pasa continuamente. Era un evangelista, difundiendo la Palabra de Dios. La mujer sintió la necesidad del profeta viajero, por lo que, por amabilidad, había preparado una habitación para que él more

  • La Batalla No Es Tuya Series

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on May 26, 2020

    ¿Cómo luchamos cuando vemos que el enemigo es tan grandioso? ¿Cómo soltamos y no peleamos cuando sentimos que debemos hacerlo?

    Una gran multitud vino contra el rey Josafat y el pueblo de Judá. Josafat llamó a la gente a ponerse serios con Dios y ayunar. Considera sus pecados y reza. Esto reforzaría su penitencia y les recordaría su debilidad y la necesidad de depender de Dios. La oración more

  • Que Hacer Cuando Dios No Hace Nada Series

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on May 26, 2020

    Uno de los dos hombres que no murió, Enoch caminó con Dios y fue llevado para que no viera la muerte. Elijah fue llevado en un torbellino. En el capítulo anterior, Elijah tiene un concurso con profetas malvados.

    Jezabel, esposa de Acab y una de las mujeres más malvadas de la Biblia, se enojó por la muerte de sus profetas, ya que le revelaron todo lo que quería escuchar, pronosticando su futuro poder y grandeza. Elijah era una espina firme para Jezabel ya que preveía la miseria y el more

  • Que Hacer Cuando Dios No Hace Nada Series

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 22, 2020
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    En el capítulo anterior, Elijah tiene un concurso con profetas malvados. Elijah era una espina firme para Jezabel ya que preveía la miseria y el juicio.

    Versos 1 al 4 • Elijah huye por su vida, no es heroico ni valiente • Él corre, se esconde debajo de un árbol y pide morir, su actitud se llama yo renuncio, me rindo • ¿Cuántos de nosotros hemos sentido esto y gritamos, de qué sirve? • ¿Por qué se siente Elijah de more

  • DÓnde EstÁs Series

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 19, 2020

    ¿Por qué nos estamos escondiendo de Dios o del mundo?

    Escondiéndose detrás de las incapacidades : Éxodo 3:10: "Ven ahora, por lo tanto, y enviaré el mensaje a Faraón, para que saques de Egipto a mi pueblo, los hijos de Israel". ¿Nos escondemos debido a nuestros miedos y pensamientos de nuestras incapacidades? more

  • I Stand Accused

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 16, 2020
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    When the remnant returned to Israel to rebuild the walls (Haggai 1:1, 2:4), Joshua was the High Priest at that time.

    In verses 1-3 Joshua is appointed and Satan stands to accuse him. Joshua was representing the nation of Israel. The allegations were precise, Joshua was standing in filthy rags, which represented sin. Joshua’s appearance / man’s appearance. Satan is continually blaming individuals for their more

  • Sin Rocks The Boat

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 12, 2020

    At the point when an evil empire displayed its power before God and the world through various demonstrations of inhumane mercilessness, that is when Jonah heard God instruct him to proceed to call the people to repent for their sins.

    In verses 1-3 God called Jonah to do a work in Nineveh, an important city of that timeframe. However, the prophet Nahum states that the people of Nineveh were blameworthy of insidiousness plots against God, taking advantage of the vulnerable, heartless in war, prostitution, idolatry and black more

  • Time To Get Back To Work

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 12, 2020

    It appears as if everybody needs something from us – family members, friends, bosses at work, the schools we may attend, our churches, clubs, etc. We wind up racing through life, taking care of the necessary, the immediate, and the urgent.

    Repeatedly the important is abandoned. Our problem isn't the volume of requests or lack of organizational skills, but values - what is really important to us. Our values and our priorities are reflected in how we use our assets/resources. Frequently our activities give a false representation more

  • Standing In The Gap

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 11, 2020

    What does it mean to stand in the gap?

    In Chapter 22, we learn why judgment would come to Jerusalem (22:2-16), how it would be approach (22:17-22), and who would be affected by it (22:23-31). Those actions and sins that occurred back then seem very similar to what is happening in society today (James 3:1). We are living in a period of more

  • Commissioned

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 10, 2020

    Isaiah's perspective on God in the initial four verse gives us a feeling of God's significance, power, and mystery. Isaiah's case of perceiving his sin before God urges us to admit our own wrongdoings.

    The image of absolution, that Isaiah gives, advises us that we are pardoned as well. At the point when we perceive how incredible God is, how guilty we are, and the degree of His absolution, we get the strength to accomplish His work. How does our idea of the significance of God match more

  • Run The Race

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 10, 2020

    Everyone gets tired now and then. God’s power never diminishes and is never too fatigued or too preoccupied to hear us or assist us.

    We gain our strength from Him, and to do that, we need to take a moment to refresh ourselves and gain energy. That’s accomplished when we can call upon the Lord for help. • Jeremiah 31:25 • Psalm 27:14 We do not struggle alone. Others have run the race and that witness should encourage us to run more

  • Having Good Roots

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 9, 2020

    What is having good roots? Being well grounded? A firm foundation?

    God doesn't pass judgment on individuals based on race, sex, or national origin. His judgment of them is based on their trust in Him and their reaction to His will. The individuals who tenaciously attempt to comply with God's will resemble vigorous, fruit-bearing trees with solid roots more

  • Prayer For The People

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 8, 2020

    What is penance? – an act of self-abasement, mortification or devotion performed to show sorrow. What is repentance? – to turn from sin and dedicate oneself, to feel regret or contrition. What is confession? - disclosure of one’s sins in sacrament of reconciliation, acknowledgement of guilt.

    Ezra prays before the people regarding their disobedience to God by intermarriage with heathens. Previously, Israelite men had been marrying heathen women (Judges 3:5-7). King Solomon had also been guilty of heathen marriage (1 Kings 11:1-8). In verses 1-4 This passage of scripture tells who more

  • The King Chooses A Queen

    Contributed by Chris Swanson on Apr 8, 2020

    Have you been chosen?

    Persian rulers gathered immense measures of gems, goods, wealth, and numerous young ladies. These women were taken from their homes and made to live in a structure close to the palace, called a haram. Their sole intention was to serve the ruler and to anticipate a call to enter his bed chamber. more