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  • Tug Of War With Oneself

    Contributed on Jul 12, 2002
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    Romans 7 allows us to see the tug of war we face each and every day

    With the weather being so hot I was surprised to find upon returning from out biannual visit to my sisters in Chicago that there were still strawberries available for picking. I had noticed when we left the area that the signs were up that said, “pick your own” so I honestly felt that there more

  • Life's Not Always Fair

    Contributed on Jul 9, 2002
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    Understanding God’s will -- how bad things happen to good people and how to understand it and work with it

    “That’s not fair!!” The child tearfully exclaimed to her mother. “Why can’t I go too!” “Because you are too little,” the mother explained – “next year when you are bigger you can go on all the rides. That is part of growing up.” “But I want to go on the roller coster now!!” She continued to more