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  • "i See You"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Aug 8, 2020

    When waters are chaotic I see you and that's all that matters.

  • Jesus Is Aware

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jul 29, 2020
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    Jesus shares with us his awareness of our issues in the text he is aware of everything, aware of His compassion for us, he is so aware he touches us, and he so aware he provides.

  • The Kingdom Of Heaven

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jul 27, 2020

    We see in the text a different idea of what heaven is like, It like a mustard seed, it like Yeast, Its like a treasure in the field, and its like a net.

  • Jacob's Dream

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jul 18, 2020

    Jacob had a dream that tell us a few things about God. God wants relationship with us, God wants to offer us Grace, and God wants to be with us where ever we go.

    1. Jacob ‘s Dream Genesis 28:10-19 Who was Jacob? • Jacob was one of the sons of Isaac and Rebekah, • Jacob probably had a very stressful life. Because of his rivalry with Esau. • First, Jacob tricked his father so he would receive the blessing which was supposed to more

  • How To Walk In Dark Times

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jul 10, 2020

    The message shares how we can walk in hard and even sinful times.

    How to walk in the Dark? Palm 119:105-112 1. Erik Weihenmayer is an amazing athlete and adventurer. He’s kayaked all 277 miles of the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon, • He has climbed the face of El Capitan in Yosemite more

  • "Discipleship” Matthew 10:24-39

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jun 18, 2020

    If, Men if you want to be the Best Father Be the Best Disciple.

  • Compassion

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jun 15, 2020

    Jesus showed compassion , but what is compassion?

  • The Great Commission

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jun 5, 2020
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    Matthew 28:16-20 “The Great Commission” Jesus tells us How to walk the way Faith.

    Matthew 28:16-20 “The Great Commission” Jesus tells us How to walk the way Faith. 1. Jesus’s Final Words To His Disciples • Verse 16 Tells us that the Disciples went to Galilee, where Jesus directed them to go. • Verse 17 says some doubted the resurrection story, some worshipped him. • In Verses more

  • "The Breath Of God” Acts 2:1-21

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on May 30, 2020

    The breath of God has blown in past and is still blowing.

    “The Breath Of God” Acts 2:1-21 1. The Earliest form of Church Began “In the beginning” • In The beginning 1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth wasA formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the more

  • "Ascension Calls Us”

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on May 19, 2020
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    Today the text empowers us to a great call not to give up, this thing is on us, to pardoner with Jesus , to know it now time, Ascension calls us to pray, and to have faith that works.

    Acts 1:6-14 “Ascension Calls Us” 1. Ascension Calls us “Don’t Give Up” • The days prior to Jesus' murder had been brutal for them. • They had scattered and hid out they had much confusion • Perhaps thought the last three years was a mess or was it • One thought they had What are we to do? He more

  • Moma’s Prayers

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on May 11, 2020

    Mom's prayers help each of us through life, her prayers changed me, change things, gets us closer to God, help us face the unknowns of life, and keeps us in the will of God.

    Moma’s Prayers Psalm 31: 1-5, 15-16 1. My Momma’s Prayer’s I certainly believe have got me where I am Mama's prayers by Merle Haggard lyrics go “ Mommas prayers were always with me through the battlefields of life She prayed for me and said amen in the name of Jesus Christ • Mom prayed for more

  • Apostolic Faith

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on May 2, 2020

    The kind of faith the disciple had is the type faith we need all in faith, day by day faith, Flowerer type faith, Living Care type faith.

    Apostolic Faith Acts 2:42-47 1. Living the Faith of the Apostles is “All IN Living” • What does it mean to be “all in,” or devoted? • In verse 42, we read: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. • All IN Means Totally more

  • "the Rising"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Apr 26, 2020

    There has been many risings in our history the greatest rising was Jesus Christ.

    There is A Rising Acts 2:14, 36-41 1. There has been several Risings in our History • The Boston Tea Party colonist rising. The Declaration of Independence. The Abolition Movement. The Civil War. The First World War. The Second World War The Civil Rights Movement. The Great Awakening more

  • Fear, But Continue To Live"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Apr 20, 2020

    The Disciples are in fear but Jesus says, "Peace Be with you" Hello, or bye is the greeting in the text, however they are in fear but He encourages them to live life.

    “Fear, But Continue to Live life” John 20:19-31 1. After the death of Jesus, the disciples are hiding behind locked doors in fear of the Jewish leaders. • There was fear they had no idea what to do, what they should do, a question lingering in their minds, should we go out in public. • What more

  • "We Fail God And That’s Ok Or Is It?”

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Apr 6, 2020

    Is it ok to fail our Lord during the Last Supper many claimed they would not but they did.

    “We Fail God and that’s ok or is it?” Matthew 26:31-35 Maundy Thursday Last supper 1. Why do we fail God? • In Jeremiah, we read: “The heart is devious above all else; it is perverse — who can understand it? more