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  • Because He First Loved Me Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Aug 27, 2006
    based on 55 ratings

    7th in the "Love Notes" series. Examines the source and value of Christian Love.

    There’s an old story about a preacher who kept preaching the same message week after week. When he was finally questioned about it he replied “Well you haven’t started following this one yet.” In fact that story has some grounding in History with the preacher in question being John Himself. The more

  • Real Love Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Aug 13, 2006
    based on 35 ratings

    5th in the series "Love Notes: A Letter from John." What genuine love looks like.

    A girl gave a photo to a boy she was dating with this inscription on the back. “Dear Johnny, the last two weeks have been the best of my whole life. I will love you as long as the stars shine and until the oceans run dry. Love Susan. p.s. If we break up I want this picture back.” We know more

  • Family Resemblance Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jul 30, 2006
    based on 11 ratings

    4th in the series, "Love Notes: A Letter from John." Why should we be like Jesus? Because of His Promise, His Passion and His Power.

    Clip from Princess Diaries 2 about living up to expectations of being a royal, ending with “The concept is grasped, the execution is elusive” It can be difficult to live like King’s Kids. But that’s what we’re called to do, to live a life that reflects the image of our father. Now I’m not more

  • Out Of This World Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jul 23, 2006
    based on 50 ratings

    3rd in the series "Love Notes: A Letter from John." If you love the Lord you’ll love Holiness, the Church and the Truth.

    You might be a church member if… -You think God’s presence is strongest on the back three pews. - You think "Amazing Grace" is the national anthem. - You judge the quality of the sermon by the amount of sweat worked up by the preacher. - Your definition of fellowship has something to do with more

  • Stepping In The Light Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jul 16, 2006
    based on 27 ratings

    2nd in the series "Love Notes: A Letter from John." About living a life of love and holiness and seeking forgiveness when you fail.

    President Calvin Coolidge went to church, and afterwards was asked by a friend what the minister spoke on. “He preached on sin.” The friend asked what the preacher had to say about sin, and was told, “He’s against it.”... That’s sort of the bottom line of today’s message—that sin has no place in more

  • Holding On To Freedom

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jul 9, 2006
    based on 14 ratings

    Independence Day sermon about not letting go of the freedom we have in Christ.

    Holding On To Freedom Galatians 5:1-2 Supreme Court Justice Horace Gray once informed a man who had appeared before him in a lower court and had escaped conviction on a technicality, "I know that you are guilty and you know it, and I wish you to remember that one day you will stand before a more

  • Something Worth Sharing Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jul 9, 2006
    based on 60 ratings

    1st in the series "Love Notes." About sharing our Christian Experience with others.

    Something Worth Sharing Screamer water slide experience. You want to share the experience, That’s why I’m preaching this today, as an excuse to mention it. Our text talks about sharing an even more important experience, the experience of a life changing encounter with Jesus. Four Important more

  • Transformed Legacy Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jun 25, 2006
    based on 10 ratings

    3d and final of Philemon series. In Christ we have a transformed legacy--an eternal legacy of souls we bring to Jesus.

    Christian sociologist Tony Campolo tells of a research project once conducted with people over the age of 90. The interviewers asked these very elderly people, “As you look back on your life, what do you wish you had done differently?” Three answers emerged from a sizeable majority: 1) they wished more

  • Deep & Wide

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jun 25, 2006
    based on 25 ratings

    God’s love for us is so great that it will transform our lives if we can begin to grasp it.

    In the frontier days snake oil salesmen would sell potions guaranteed to cure whatever ailed you, from gout to gangrene and warts to weariness. Unfortunately their claims were a tad overblown, but in the passage we looked at today we get a glimpse of a genuine miracle cure. Paul writing from more

  • Transformed Perspective Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on Jun 5, 2006
    based on 10 ratings

    2nd of 3 in Philemon series. A look at how God wants to change the way we look at the world. Emphasis on how complaining comes from not recognizing God’s sovereignty

    How would you feel if you were kidnapped, bound and held hostage by a mass murderer on the run? That’s exactly what happened to Ashley Smith in March of last year, when she was abducted by Brian Nichols after he had killed four people escaping the Atlanta courthouse where he was on trial for rape. more

  • Transformed Lives Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on May 29, 2006
    based on 11 ratings

    First of Three from Philemon. The Holy Spirit Tranforms us from the inside out.

    Extreme Makeover/The Swan. Extreme outward change, God wants to be our makeover artist creating change from the inside out. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Ephesians 5:8 Two separate studies conducted several years apart concluded that only 10% and 9% of more

  • The Invitation Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on May 8, 2006

    2nd in the Series "Near to His Heart: The Gospel of John"

    This morning is the second message in our series “Near to His heart.” Last week we saw how our drawing near to the Lord is only possible because He drew near first—he put on human flesh and came to earth. This week we see the second thing that makes it possible for us to draw near—the fact that more

  • When God Calls Your Name

    Contributed by Guy Caley on May 7, 2006
    based on 58 ratings

    Sermon about God’s response to suffering. God sends us as his messengers.

    On any given day you can find headlines that make you wonder what God is doing in the world. In the last few weeks we’ve seen wildfires in the western US, flooding in Europe, Genocide in Sudan, suicide bombers in Iraq. Any thoughtful person has to ask, Where is God in all of this. Moses must more

  • God Came Near Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on May 7, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    1st in the series "Near to His Heart: The Gospel of John." Gives the reasons that the Incarnation was necessary.

    Text: John 1:1-18 We’ve got ourselves a problem, you and I, and I can tell you, it’s not just a little problem. We’ve got ourselves a whopper of a problem. It’s not a new problem, and we’re certainly not the first ones to ever have it. As a matter of fact the problem dates clear back to Adam & Eve, more

  • A Personal Thing Series

    Contributed by Guy Caley on May 7, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    4th in the series "Near to His Heart: The Gospel of John." Christianity is a personal experience.

    I remember as I was growing up hearing my parents say to me on more than one occaision, "Just wait until you have kids of your own, then you’ll understand." I don’t suppose that any of your parents ever said anything like that to you, but mine said it regularly. The thing that is so frustrating more