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Church of Christ at Logansport
Logansport Indiana , 46947

About Jeff
  • Education: I attended Purdue University for two years studying psychology, sociology and philosophy. Then I spent an additional 4 years at Great Lakes Bible College in Lansing, Michigan where I graduated Summa Cum Laude and with a Bachelor’s in New Testament studies.
  • Experience: I have served a total of 3 churches. One in Hamilton, IN for 7 years. The second in Union City, IN for another 7 years. And am presently preaching for the Church of Christ in Logansport, IN where I have lived for over 20 years.
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: Look at my sermons in the same way I look at those of others: Look for ideas and illustrations that will help you better understand and communicate what you see in the text.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: The sermons that have made the most difference in my life have been those that I felt God had influenced the most, like the "Miracle Sunday" sermon where I felt God wanted me to announce the specific amount I believed He would supply - before I knew the actual count. He supplied exactly what we needed. Another was my "bag of stones" sermon (based on Jesus admonition about "casting the 1st stone") that essentially confronted a church with its judgmentalism and broke the back of a rebellious
  • One of my favorite illustrations: After a Revival a woman approached the preacher and said she had a desire to become a Christian but she just couldn’t understand how God could forgive her. He asked her if she recalled any scripture. She said yes: "For God so loved the world that he gave His only FORGOTTEN son..." He smiled and said "The reason God forgot His Son was so He could remember you."
  • Family: I have a son Jonathan, a daughter Naomi.
  • What my parents think of my sermons: My parents had always been supportive of my ministry and have taken the tapes I’ve sent and shared them with others (they've both since passed on to be with Jesus)
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: My father told me to focus primarily on my preaching. He said that I’d never get another chance to talk to so many people in a week.
  • Books that have had an impact: Anything by C.S. Lewis. Most particularly his "The Great Divorce" and "The Case For Christianity."
  • Hobbies: I enjoy singing, playing guitar and banjo, working on the computer and preaching. A few years ago I was part of a Southern Gospel Quartet for which I’d written a few songs.
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Just exactly what I'm preaching now.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: I once baptized an older woman who had hearing aides in both ears. When she didn’t have her aides in she spoke extremely loud and of course she couldn’t have her hearing aides in when she was being baptized. In the baptistery, I realized I hadn’t told her she needed to pinch off her nose so that water wouldn’t get in. I attempted to mouth my instructions but obviously she didn’t understand. Rising from the water she sputtered and gasped. She loudly proclaimed: "That wouldn't have happened if I'd learned how to swim."
  • What I want on my tombstone: He was faithful to His Lord
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Newest Sermons

  • The Man From Arimathea

    Contributed on Mar 19, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    How did Joseph become a member of the Sanhedrin and ultimately become a secret follower of Jesus? This first person presentation explores one possible explanation.

    (I entered the auditorium from the side entrance to our baptistery – reading a scroll and entranced in thought. Much of the message was presented on floor level with me standing close to the audience and speaking directly to them) (Looking up, a bit surprised) Oh… shalom. I am afraid I am a bit more

  • The Centurion At The Feet Of Jesus

    Contributed on Mar 11, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    The story of this Centurion is listed in 3 of the Gospels because God wants us to see what he saw. What did the centurion see that day, and why did he cry out "Surely this was the Son of God"?

    In the days of Jesus the most feared soldiers on the face of the earth were those of the Legions Of Rome. These men were practically invincible. It seemed to no nation of the day could stand against them. And one of the reasons they were so powerful and so feared was because their armies were led more

  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    Acts 10 is a pivotal chapter in Scripture. From this point on the church exploded in growth. In this story there are 3 groups of people who were "surprised" by what they saw. Why were they surprised, and what difference does that mean to us?

    (Before reading the Scripture I noted that Acts 10 is a pivotal chapter in Scripture. It was after this event at Cornelius’ house that the Church exploded with growth and numerous churches were set up throughout the known world). (After the Scripture reading and prayer, we showed the following more

  • The Puzzle

    Contributed on Feb 25, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    The story in Acts 8, that tells of Philip's preaching in Samaria resulting in an Evangelism Explosion, contains 3 puzzles that many folks overlook. What are these puzzles and what can they teach us about our walk with Christ?

    OPEN: People have created puzzles for centuries. There’ve been crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Rubik's cube, and scads of others in all shapes and sizes. The better the puzzle, the more difficult it is to solve, and by that standard, one of the Holy Grails of such puzzles is this one: more

  • Tell Your Story

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    In today's world, a well told story will be heard regardless of the content. Luke tells Paul's conversion story, giving us a framework in which to share ours. Consider these thoughts from Scott Jewell, our Family Minister.

    Read Acts 9:1-31. Pray. What is the most memorable sermon illustration you’ve ever heard? I’m pretty confident that the first thing that came to mind was a story. I’ll take it one step further- I’ll bet it was a personal story the preacher told on himself. If I’m wrong, you can collect an more

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  • Power And Discipline

    Contributed on May 5, 2013
    based on 2 ratings

    POWER AND DISCIPLINE Over here is a wall socket. There is power in that socket. Because of that power, I can plug lamps, fans, microwaves and phone chargers into it and magically empower those devises. I can even plug a car charger into a wall socket and revive a dead car battery (like I’ve had more

  • The Blood And Water

    Contributed on Mar 24, 2013
    based on 6 ratings

    THE BLOOD AND WATER Before I became a minister I attended a secular college for a couple of years. While I was there I took several classes I thought would help me when I went to Bible college, and some of those classes were in Philosophy. Now Philosophy and Christianity are somewhat at more

  • Why Did Jesus Need To Be Baptized?

    Contributed on Mar 3, 2013
    based on 12 ratings

    WHY DID JESUS NEED TO BE BAPTIZED? So why would Jesus need to be baptized by John? Well... Jesus' baptism by John was the beginning of Jesus' ministry Mark 1:1 starts out: "The BEGINNING of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God" and then Mark starts telling us about Jesus' baptism by more

  • The Deadly Disease Of Sin

    Contributed on Feb 11, 2013
    based on 4 ratings

    THE DEADLY DISEASE OF SIN The Bible is very blunt about sin – it doesn’t matter how YOU grade your sin, if you don’t accept that you’ve sinned… you can’t fix the problem. It’s like a man having a deadly disease. He experiencing distressing physical problems but doesn’t KNOW he’s going to die more

  • Pax Romana

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2012
    based on 2 ratings

    PAX ROMANA About 27 years before Jesus was born Rome experienced something unique that history has called Pax Romana = the peace of Rome. Beginning with the reign of Augustine, Emperor of Rome and lasting till about 180 A.D. (a period of 200 years) Rome was at peace. They had few internal more