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  • Being A Super Servant

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Feb 1, 2021

    A super servant is faithful, obedient and unwilling to give up on the mission God has called him or her to. As a result, a super servant will be richly rewarded by going deep with God throughout their lifetime of serving him.

  • A Living Hope

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Dec 7, 2020

    Biblical hope is a sure thing, not a maybe thing.

    In his book, "Come Thirsty (pages 47-48)," Max Lucado tells a story of a little Haitian Orphan by the name of Carinette. He says that she lived in a different world, a world called, “home-to-be.” "See the slender girl wearing the pink shirt? The girl with the long nose and bushy more

  • He Had To Be One Of Us!

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Nov 26, 2020
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    We cannot save ourselves or meet our deepest spiritual and emotional needs. Jesus had to become one of us to save us, to represent us and, to help us.

    “Puppies for Sale,” the sign said, and a young boy came to inquire. “I’d like to buy one, if they don’t cost too much.” “Well, son, they’re $25.” The boy was crushed. “I’ve only got $2.05. Could I see them anyway?” “Sure,” said the kind gentleman. The boy’s eyes danced at the sight of 5 little fur more

  • All Things Work Toward The Good

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Jun 6, 2005
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    God allows and uses everything that happens in our lives for our good.

    In the early days of our country a weary traveler came to the banks of Mississippi River for first time. There was no bridge, of course. It was early winter, and the surface of the mighty river was covered with ice. Could he dare cross over? Would the uncertain ice be able to bear his weight? more

  • Our Giants Are Real And Formidable

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on May 27, 2005
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    When we trust God to deliver us we can face our giants with confident faith in Him.

    James Dobson, of Focus on the Family was quoted as saying, “When I think of parents today, I’m reminded of a photograph of an elegantly dressed woman who is holding a cup of coffee. Her little finger is cocked ever so daintily to the side, and her face reveals utter self-confidence. Unfortunately, more

  • Multi-Dimensional Love

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on May 6, 2005
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    God enable us to love all people in the same way He loves us.

    Last week (Romans 5:6-8) we talked about God’s amazing love for all people. For example, if he could love and forgive someone like Jeffrey Dahlmer, the Milwaukee Monster after all of the hideous things he had done, he can love and forgive anyone. The point of God’s amazing love is that he loves us more

  • Amazing Love

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Apr 29, 2005
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    By sending Jesus to die for us while we were still rejecting Him, God demonstrated His amazing love for us.

    I. When they met she was just fifteen and he was sixteen. They dated throughout high school. He was a football player and she was a cheerleader. Nobody was surprised when they married after graduation. Four years and two babies later, she stood in her kitchen with the dirty dishes in the sink, a more

  • How To Receive An Answer From God (4of4) Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Apr 21, 2005
    based on 77 ratings

    There are four attitudes needed to get answers to our prayers.

    Jeanne Olsen, a mother of five from Illinois, took her daughter Kirsten, age 9, out for a mother-daughter breakfast. During their meal, Jeanne courageously asked her daughter, "How do you think I could be a better mom?" Kirsten thought for a moment. "Well, you do yell a lot. I know you’ve been more

  • "How To Pray About Your Problems” (3of4) Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Apr 14, 2005
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    To pray effectively about our problems we must pray in faith.

    I read about "The Road to Nowhere" this week. Just outside of Bryson City, NC is a beautiful highway that simply goes no place. It’s what’s left of an abandoned attempt to create a highway between Bryson City and Townsend, Tennessee. Environmental concerns caused them to halt the project. Those who more

  • The Five Conditions To Answered Prayer (2of4) Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Apr 7, 2005
    based on 27 ratings

    There are five Biblical conditions necessary for God to answer our prayers.

    You have probably seen the Television commercial where an overweight yet eager gentleman is about to start exercising. He is in the gym and has his sweats on and his cassette player with headsets and just before he begins his exercise routine he weighs himself. He weighs in at 257 pounds. Then he more

  • The Four Purposes Of Prayer (1 Of 4) Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Apr 1, 2005
    based on 35 ratings

    To live effective lives as Jesus’ disciples we need to pray.

    I’ve preached on prayer many times and I’ve tried to do it in such a way that you will be able to easily remember how to pray and to be motivated to pray. Yet I don’t think we are taking full advantage of this most powerful and useful resource we have as Christians. So, I am beginning a four more

  • Evidence That Demands A Verdict Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Mar 25, 2005
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    We all will respond to Jesus’ resurrection in a very personal manner because the evidence demands a verdict.

    Before reading our passage for today I want to share a story I read this week. A father took his little boy to a pet shop to pick out a puppy for his birthday present. For half an hour he looked at the assortment in the window. "Decided which one you want?" asked his Daddy. "Yes," the little fellow more

  • The Weight Of The World Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Mar 17, 2005
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    Jesus bore the full weight of our sin so we will never have to.

    I. After His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, not as the Warrior King they wanted and were expecting, but as the Lamb of God, Jesus now moves deliberately to His destiny with His death on the Cross on Friday. Even though He knew what was going to happen to Him this week, as He more

  • The Lamb Of God Series

    Contributed by Jim Moynihan on Mar 11, 2005
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    It is crucial that we recognize and accept Jesus as God’s Lamb, our Eternal Spiritual Messiah, and not just our Temporal Helper.

    “The Lamb of God” John 12:12-19 A lady was visiting an art museum when she turned to the curator and pointed at the wall. "I suppose you call this hideous looking thing modern art." He said, "No, Ma’am. Actually we call it a mirror!" The point of the story is that sometimes more