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About Dr. Madana
  • Education: Madana Kumar holds a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Servant Leadership. Additional qualifications are as below 1. Bachelor of Engineering 2. Bachelor of Physics 3. Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management 4. Certificate of Leadership from Cornell University He also holds the following certifications on Personality and Leadership 1. Accredited MBTI assessor 2. Certified HBDI trainer 3. Certified in Thomas profiling 4. Certified in Leadership Framework by Hay Macber consultants
  • Experience: A Passionate Professional and Leader with more than 35 years of experience. Currently balancing two roles. one in Corporate as the Vice President and Global Head of L&D at UST Global. Second in Theological Education as Director- Center for Leadership at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies. Has shaped the learning strategy of the growing organisation to create and nurture a Learning culture in the organisation and to accelerate the Digital Culture within the organisation. Has strategically transformed the L&D function at UST and brought in a huge focus on Business Impact. His work has got him and the organisation many accolades in the L&D field. Prior to joining UST he was as an Associate Director at IBM Corporation, impacting the Learning and Development of IBM employees in 170 countries across the globe including India. In his role in the Theological Education field, he is currently the Director - Center for Leadership, at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), a premier Theological Institute for Post Graduate education and Research, Impacting Christian Leaders and organisations at various levels. A passionate Thought Leader and Strategist on Leadership, and Organisational Learning. Speaks at various forums like the NHRD, HR summit, CLO summit, ATD etc. His thoughts are sought after and published by the student publications in some IIMs, and other first tier Management institutes. A guest speaker/faculty at few management institutes and Bible Colleges.
  • Family: Madana Kumar is married to Leslie and is blessed with a son Neville.
  • What I want on my tombstone: He performed no miracles, but all that he said about Jesus was true
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  • Truth About Honesty Part I: Why Is Integrity So Difficult?

    Contributed on Nov 24, 2017

    There is a Fraud Triangle at work in all of our lives. The only way we can get out of it is by intentionally turning it into a Grace Triangle. Is that easy? Let us find out.

    When I Fall Main passage: Micah 7:1-9 How many of you have School going Children? If you get a call from the Principal to come and see him/her what will be your reaction? So here are the parents who get such a call from the Principal. With fear and trembling they reach the Principal’s office and more

  • Christ Of The Advent

    Contributed on Nov 24, 2017

    Has Christmas got completely lost in all the commercial noise around it as a festival? Is there still a real meaning to Christmas?

    Christ of the Advent Main Passage 2 Tim 3: 1-7 It is advent season again. It is time to sing carols, eat Christmas cakes, wear new cloths, decorate homes, put up the stars, and wish people Merry Christmas. It is that time when we are supposed to rejoice in the good news of great joy that was more

  • An Attitude Of Gratitude

    Contributed on Nov 24, 2017

    Does thanking someone come to us naturally, or do we need to be coaxed into thanking others? How about when it comes to God? Can we be intentional in thanking God and others?

    Attitude of Gratitude The topic chosen for the month is Attitude with Gratitude. We all know that Thankfulness is important, but still, it is necessary for us to be constantly reminded about this fact. I like statistics. So, whenever I get a topic, I try to do some research into it. This time I more

  • Truth About Honesty Part Ii

    Contributed on Nov 21, 2017

    Honesty is defined as refusal to deceive. It is a three legged stool, and unless all the three legs are equal in strength, length and character, the stool will fall down. Let us find out the three legs of Honesty

    Truth About Honesty – Part II Honesty - The Three legged stool Main Passage Psalm 26:1-8 One couple decided to be completely honest with each other. While discussing things in a very honest way, they decided to arrive at an honest definition of the word wife. I know many of you have many things more

  • Family Lessons From An Imperfect Family

    Contributed on Nov 21, 2017

    From personal experience, I know that our family flourishes only by the Grace of God and nothing else. It is only by Love that the family unit stays together. How about you?

    Family If you had the power of knowing the number of hairs on my head, you would notice that this week I have significantly lesser number of hairs. The reason is that I have been pulling out my hair ever since Pastor announced that this month’s theme is Family. Last week, Rev Appu spoke about more

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  • After A Sunday School Lesson On Ten Commandments, ...

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2010

    After a Sunday school lesson on Ten Commandments, the Sunday school teacher asked the students, "Now, which of the Ten commandments applies to our relationship with our siblings?" A little more

  • Blessed Are Those Who Hunger

    Contributed on Jan 30, 2010
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    Blessed Are Those Who Hunger A family had the habit of treating their children for ice cream after the church service. One Sunday the father decided to break the habit. The children were not happy about it. They started whining. The father decided use spirituality to deal with the situation. He more

  • If There Is Anything Good In Us, It Is Not Our ...

    Contributed on Apr 28, 2009

    If there is anything good in us, it is not our own, it is a gift of God. But if it is a gift then it is entirely a debt one owes to love. And if it is a debt owed to love, then I must serve others with it, not myself. Thus my learning is not my own, it belongs to the unlearned and is the debt I more