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  • Rest In The Ruins Series

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Jul 9, 2020
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    This sermon looks at rest, the importance of rest, and the types of tiredness we can have, and how Christ satisfies them with His rest.

    I want you to think of a time in your life when you were exhausted. That moment when the tank was empty, you were depleted, and you had nothing left to give. Think of that time. Think of the most tiring day, or season, in your entire life. Recall the feelings and emotions. For me, the moment more

  • Rebuilding In The Ruins. Series

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Jul 9, 2020
    based on 1 rating

    This sermon looks at the Israelites' "return to worship" after the exile. Makes a great sermon for returning to worship, and for adjusting to changes in this new world and setting.

    A few weeks ago, I was able to go back to Illinois and to see my brother confirmed. Before the service, it was nice to walk around and to visit the church I used to call “home.” There’s something nice and nostagilc about being back in places like that. I often see it here at Christmas and more

  • Reaping And Sowing In The Ruins Series

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Jul 8, 2020
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon looks at the hope and promise of sowing God's Word. It deals with the failures, but also the joys that we can experience with this! It goes through Jesus' parable of the sower. A special thanks to Rev. Bob Holst for the inspiration and idea

    Are you an optimist, or are you a pessimist? Are you a glass half-empty person, or are you a glass half-full person? Do you complain that rose bushes have thorns, or do you rejoice because thorns have roses? Do you see the storm clouds, or do you see the silver lining? There are various more

  • Standing Before God

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 23, 2019

    What determines our standing before God? The Pharisee, tax collector, and disciples give us an answer.

    Can there be anything more nerve wracking than being evaluated at work or school? When we are criticized or graded, we are vulnerable and exposed. We may wonder and think, “What will people say or think of me? Is what they are saying true or accurate? Do they truly see my talents and abilities, more

  • Standing And Status Before God

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 23, 2019

    This sermon looks at the parable of the Tax Collector and Pharisee, and answers the question, "How do I approach God?"

    On the eve of those 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth in 1983, someone wrote, “In most big libraries, books by and about Martin Luther occupy more shelf room than those concerned with any other human being except Jesus of Nazareth.” In other words, next to Jesus Christ, Martin Luther is more

  • Mission Impossible?

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 2, 2019
    based on 3 ratings

    This story looks at and applies Jesus' teachings in Luke 17:1-6 alongside the experience of Corrie Ten Boom.

    There were many things that were once thought to be impossible, but are now considered to be quite common and ordinary. The idea of man landing on the moon or going to space was once thought to be impossible, but that notion was shattered in the 1960s. The idea of people surviving heart more

  • Trusting In A Tough Teaching

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 2, 2019

    This sermon looks at Jesus' four teachings here: taking sin seriously, rebuking, forgiving, and serving. This sermon applies the text at each point, and does so in a Gospel approach.

    “Just climb up, sit down, let go, and enjoy, honey!” Lainey’s father to said to her. Little Lainey had recently learned how to swim, and was now standing on the ladder of the water slide, frozen in fear. Lainey had just started jumping into the pool, and then would frantically dog paddle back more

  • Rags-To-Riches, Or, Riches-To-Rags?

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Sep 23, 2019
    based on 5 ratings

    A look at the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus with the theme of rags-to-riches. A big thanks goes to Dr. Mackenzie for spurring the application.

    On November 25, 1835, little Andrew Carnegie was born into a poor family in Scotland. He grew up in extreme poverty, and often would sleep to “forget the misery of hunger.” To save themselves from starvation, his family came to the United States when was 13, hoping for a better future. While more

  • Overwhelming Grace: The Prodigal Son, The Unjust Steward, And You!

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Sep 18, 2019
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon examines the relationship between the prodigal son, unjust steward, and the hearer. It draws upon the parallels among all three to make a Gospel application. I am indebted to Dr. David Schmidt's observations on this text found on for the idea.

    A few weeks ago, I bought the movie Dunkirk on sale, which is about the evacuation of over 300,000 British troops after the Fall of France in World War II. I tried to watch this movie at night as I was going to bed. Between falling asleep, helping with Mia, or checking my phone, the movie took more

  • The Cost Of Discipleship

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Jun 27, 2019
    based on 4 ratings

    This sermon looks at the rejection of the Samaritans, and examines the excuses of the three would be disciples. This sermon has some illustrations to draw the hearer back in, and helps to apply the text to the life of the hearer in their baptismal identity.

    Sometimes you just need to learn the value of a dollar. I remember when my nephew Kaden was learning this at the Wisconsin Dells. We were downtown, where all the shops were, and he was given a dollar earlier in the day. Thinking that was enough money to buy something in a tourist trap, he began more

  • Two Promises

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on May 22, 2019
    based on 4 ratings

    The last words that Jesus gives His disciples are a two-fold promise. You will have tribulations and He has overcome the world. As Christians, we know and experience these two promises. An illustration is weaved throughout to bring these points to life.

    I love movies. I do, I really do. I always have and always will. I often fall asleep to them and literally seen some more times than I can count. I enjoy rewatching movies. Once I know the whole story, I love re-watching the movie to see how knowing the end changes how I see conversations, more

  • An Unshakeable Nickname

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Apr 24, 2019
    based on 3 ratings

    For a man named "Doubting Thomas", he makes one of the greatest confessions of faith: "My Lord and my God!" This sermon briefly walks through the text and examines Thomas' confession in an applicable way for the hearer by breaking the confession down into two chunks.

    Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to shake a nickname. One of my favorite athletes, Landon Donovan, has that problem. Landon is arguably one of the best soccer players the United States has ever produced, but has the nickname, “Landy Cakes.” How did he get that? By constantly underachieving more

  • Stay Awake

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Nov 20, 2018
    based on 2 ratings

    A sermon that closes out the church year with the hopeful message of staying awake for Christ's return. This sermon teaches about Christ's return and applies it textually to the hearer's life

    “Don’t touch that!! Its hot and you’ll burn your hand!” “Don’t eat that! It has been on the ground!” “You better button your jacket up or else you’ll get a cold!” “Look both ways before crossing the street so you don’t get hit by car!” Have you ever told someone these warnings? Have you ever more

  • Wisdom From Above Series

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 3, 2018
    based on 1 rating

    A sermon on wisdom. James says that God gave us our bodies to receive gifts from Him, and wisdom is just one of those things. This sermon also describes and applies the wisdom from above

    As a kid, did your parents ever put soap in your mouth? I can admit that it once happened to me. It is one of the earliest memories that I have. I can still remember sitting on the bathroom counter of our apartment, with a bitter, unpleasant, ivory colored bar of soap in my mouth that more

  • Taming The Tongue Series

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Oct 2, 2018
    based on 4 ratings

    A sermon on the tongue. James says the tongue controls, destroys, and cannot be tamed, but fortunately there is one Perfect Man, Jesus Christ, and he points us to Him.

    Can you figure out this riddle? “I am often held, but never touched. I am always wet, but never rust. I often bite, but I am seldom bit. To use me well, you must have wit. What am I?” Can you figure it out? Ready for the answer? It is…the tongue! The tongue can be held without being more