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  • The Journey

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Jan 16, 2021

    A walk with Christ is life changing and affirming. One worth sharing with others.

    THE JOURNEY Proverbs 1:1 - 5 An old quote attributed to an ancient Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu, who lived in the 4th century BC goes as follows; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” What Lao Tzu implies with this philosophical thought is that it does not matter more

  • The Splinter

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Dec 25, 2020

    Why did Christ come to earth? What message did he leave us?

    During the 1000 years between the time of Constantine, the Emperor of Rome, who declared Christianity the religion of the realm and the Reformation and rise of Protestantism an avalanche of religious fervor overtook the European Continent. The rulers of the various countries and city-states more

  • And The Storm Rages On

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Apr 25, 2020

    With all the storms that we confront in life, what is our best response?

    Jesus had just finished teaching on the mountain top after several hours. One of his most famous sermons which we now know as the Sermon the Mount. While he was descending he was approached by many people asking questions about his sermon. He was also approached by many who wish to have healing. more

  • What's In A Name?

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Dec 26, 2019
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    A review of the Bible reveals there are over 350 names used to identify Jesus. Why are there so many different names and titles for Jesus? What is the importance of these various names?

    WHAT’S IN A NAME? Over the last few years I took it upon myself to explore the genealogy of my family. I focused first on my Mother’s side of the family since she primarily of Northern European stock. My Father’s side of the family is principally from Mexico and would be much more problematic in more

  • And The Music Plays On

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Jun 24, 2016
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    We must maintain hope and perseverance until the second coming

    We have often heard the axiom that when life serves us lemons we should turn the lemons into lemonade. I don’t know about you, but I find that is not always an easy thing to do. There have been times when I have been confronted by an issue the seemingly overwhelms me. I twist and turn and more

  • What's The Point?

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Nov 7, 2014
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    It is okay to be discouraged when working for the Lord. It is not okay to be defeated. How can we as servants of the Lord maintain our enthusiasm and continue with our efforts when we work for the Lord.

    What’s the Point? 1 Corinthian 15:58 Do you ever get discouraged? Do you ever get to the stage that you cry out to no one in particular, but to everyone, and say “What’s the point!” Have you reached that moment in time where you just wonder “Why bother?” I more

  • Would You Be Made Whole?

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Mar 25, 2011

    Jesus asked the man at the Pool of Bethesda if he would be healed and is now asking us the same.

    Visualize, if you will, a large city teeming with life. There is a constant stream of activity at the gates of this large city. Traders bringing in goods. Farmers bringing to market their fruits and vegetables. Craftsmen carrying the results of hours of painstaking work to more

  • Come, Follow Me

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Mar 25, 2011
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    What happens when we decide to take matters into our own hands instead of following Christ?

    Come Follow Me It was a calm, cool and clear morning. The sun was still hovering near the horizon, it’s yellow ball showing a hint of the heat that would soon envelope the land. There were a few birds in the air, going about their early morning business of finding a meal and paying more

  • All For One

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Oct 8, 2010

    Jesus on the way to His ultimate sacrifice prayed for unity among His followers

    The meal is finished, the lesson has been taught and the example set. Jesus now sets his eyes upon his final task. He slowly stands up from the table and moves towards the door. His remaining disciples look at his countenance and see sadness washed across his face instead of love and compassion. more

  • Conquering Mountains

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Oct 23, 2009
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    In life we are faced with obstacles on a daily basis. Many times we cannot conquer them on our own. With God’s help mountains will become molehills.

    CONQUERING MOUNTAINS Peaks and valleys. Ups and downs. Mountains and molehills. We use different euphemisms to explain how our life progresses such as peaks and valleys or ups and downs. Life is never simple we all have our good days and our bad days. If we were to plot our life on a graph it more

  • The Crown And The King

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Aug 14, 2009

    What Christ endured at the hands of the soldiers for us.

    The Crown and the King This morning I would like to take you on a journey to a place long ago and far away. A place where events happened that affect us today. I would like to take you to the dusty streets of a town where events unfolded both terrible and exciting. An event seemingly more

  • Servants Of God Are We

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Feb 27, 2009
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    As a Christian and a disciple of Christ, we are also servants that carry a message.

    There was a song I learned many, many years ago. A song I still remember today. Since I am one of the worlds worst singers I will quote the song in the poem format: Oh, we are the Pathfinder’s strong A servant of God are we Faithful as we march along In truth and purity A message to tell more

  • A Maidens Witness

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Oct 3, 2008
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    How a young maiden changed the life of Namaan

    A Maidens Witness Today I would like to talk about the power of a witness. Not just any witness, but a slave in a land of pagans. Not just any slave, but a female adolescent. In the ancient world of the Old Testament a female child had as much importance and power as a lowly ant. Slim to none more

  • A Father's Day Story

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Dec 31, 2004
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    How would it feel to sacrifice your own son? What kind of faith did Abraham have?

  • Road To Damascus

    Contributed by Norbert Garcia on Dec 31, 2004
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    What exactly did Paul experience during his conversion? How does it apply to us?