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About Wade Martin
  • Education: I graduated high school in Springfield, Illinois in 1970. Then graduated Lincoln Memorial University, in Harrogate, TN from in 1974 with a Bachelors degree in Humanities, I have taken classes and many seminars. Berian classes, Boot Camp, and Ky. School of Ministries. I have taught young preachers in KSOM
  • Experience: I traveled 6 years playing Southern Gospel Music. Then taught school in Lee County, Virginia 6 years.It was a joy to head a jail ministry for 5 years, I have visited jails and prisons in 6 states. I was an associate pastor/evangelist. In 1981, I went to full time pastoring in West Prestonsburg, Ky. This is a very small mountain missions work. In 1989 I moved here to Smiths Grove to pastor. 40+ years in the full time ministry. My dream is still before me. I have made missionary trips to Haiti. 16 days in israel was precious. I am on You-Tube and Facebook
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: I try to make my sermons practical and applicable to every day life. I must point others to the cross.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: I have studied many years. I love study time. I have thousands of sermons over my 40 year full time ministry. Basketcase preachers. The problem of the heart is the heart of the problem. Speak to the Divine Possibilities.
  • One of my favorite illustrations: ME ON DEATH ROW? I stood on Death Row in a prison. I was with a criminal, he had been locked on Death Row 18 years. I spent the last 5 days in the prison with this criminal and his family. To me he was not a criminal, he was a precious friend’s son. I was there to witness the execution for the family. I am not here to address the pro’s and con’s of the death penalty, but to tell you I stood with a man condemned to die. I never thought about being identified with a criminal until minutes before they opened the curtains. I thought Jesus is here in this room.
  • Family: My Dad is a Church of God Pastor of 65+ years. Dad is 89. My older brother was a Methodist preacher of 25 years. I have been married to Linda 50 years. I have two sons they are part of our worship team, and they play music with me. Both my sons and the oldest grandson are police men. Three of my brothers have passed away in three years. ( They were 58, 67, 54) My three older grandsons play music with me.
  • What my parents think of my sermons: My Mom was my greatest fan. She loved my tapes and would share them with others. Mom died August 1998. My Dad has been supportive and my music partner for years. Dad was my pastor my first 21 years.
  • What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: Don’t ask? Don’t tell? Linda is my helper and my friend. She says they are humorous, illustrated and thought provoking. She has listened to me 40 years. I am glad she doesn’t want to go to another church. I hope?
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Today is a good day to make a good day. Be patient and keep plugging away no matter how you feel. Pastoring is not like a carpenter, you can’t see at the end of the day what you have accomplished in ministry. We see in a time bound perspective, our personal scope of vision must not hinder the work set before us. Be quick to forgive. Walk in their shoes and try understanding. Learn to be quick to say I am sorry even when you think you are right. . Then try again.
  • Books that have had an impact: The Bible, the word of God does the work of God! I love the Bible. I thank God for the ability to read and study.
  • Hobbies: Studying the Bible and preparing lessons. I love music, I and my family play music. I have traveled playing the bass guitar and lead. Haiti is one of my loves.
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: I would talk all night if I thought this was my last sermon. I would warn that we are headed toward death at 60 minutes per hour, or 1440 minutes a day. We need to establish a priority system and invest our time, talent, and energy wisely. We tend to waste life on trivial pursuit. I have invested 40 years in full time ministry. I do not regret a mile I have traveled for the Lord. I believe what I preach. Seems we love to invest in the temporal but we are approach eternity.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: Once, I bent over and ripped my pants. Another time, I was doing an illustrated sermon with a loaf of bread, as the rich man wiped his face and threw the bread to the dogs. As I wiped my face, I didn’t know the loaf of bread had butter in the middle, I rubbed butter all over my face. Recently, I was doing an illustrated sermon, that we can determine how much God can bless us. I had a very small metal bowl, a little bigger and a little bigger. When I got to the largest metal bowl, I waved it ov
  • What I want on my tombstone: His servant, how about an arrow pointing up? Live with eternity's values in view for there is too much to gain to lose.
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Newest Sermons

  • Infatuated With Infatuation

    Contributed on Feb 23, 2024

    Infatuation is visible to the eyes. Do we understand the differences in infatuation and real love. What is really important to you? Be honest! Abuse vs Neglect.

    INFATUATED WITH INFATUATION… MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES! By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. (Watch YouTube: Wade Hughes) 2 Corinthians 4:18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the more

  • Build Something That Will Last! Take Comfort! Give Comfort!

    Contributed on Feb 21, 2024

    Are we so focused on materialism that we have lost our vision for eternity? The are two judgments coming,.. the Judgment of the believers and the great white throne judgment. What treasures are we laying up?

    BUILD SOMETHING THAT WILL LAST! TAKE COMFORT! GIVE COMFORT! By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. ( YouTube: Wade Hughes) 1 Thessalonians 4:18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words. 1 Thessalonians 4:18 (MSG) Oh, we'll be walking on air! And then there will be one more

  • The Trojan Horse, Sneaky Snake

    Contributed on Feb 17, 2024
    based on 1 rating

    Beware, we must beware the offering could be a TROJAN HORSE that will open the door for defeat. Faith realizes traps.

    CAMOUFLAGE: BEWARE OF THE TROJAN HORSES By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. (YouTube: Wade Hughes) 2 TO 3 PART LESSON. THE YELLOW LIGHT ON VAN… came on last week, not 42 psi, but 31 on the right front tire. We added air. A few days later, the yellow light came on again, this time more

  • Accusations, Denial, Stealing From God

    Contributed on Feb 9, 2024

    THE EIGHT COMMANDMENT IS THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. There are 3 things that we steal from God. Giving, The battle, revenge... Stealing may cost dearly?

    ACCUSATIONS, DENIALS: STEAL, ROBBERY. (THREE THINGS) By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. (YouTube: Wade Hughes) (2 or 3 part lesson) What a sick world: I just read where a man stabbed his girlfriend to death over dicing onions? Wow? YES, THIS LESSON IS ABOUT GIVING more

  • Learning How To Live? (Proverbs)

    Contributed on Jan 31, 2024

    We begin a study from Solomon's teaching people how to make the best out of life. Proverbs has some deep practical lesson to apply daily. Learn? Teach?

    LEARNING HOW TO LIVE (PROVERBS) By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. (YouTube: Wade Hughes) **PROVERBS: words to teach knowledge, advice and reinforce morals, a short pithy saying in general use to state a truth or piece of advice. Practical advice shared from experience, common more

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  • Never Satisfied, More!

    Contributed on Feb 23, 2024

    REMEMBER THE STORY ABOUT THE DOG AND HIS BONE? There was a real smart dog that had searched and searched for just the right bone. After several hours the dog found a real big wonderful bone. He picked the good bone up and started home with his prized bone. On the way home the dog had to pass over a more

  • Stirring Up A Mess!

    Contributed on Feb 21, 2024

    HOW EASY IS IT TO STIR UP A MESS? THERE IS A HIDDEN AGENDA AND MOTIVE WITHIN. There was a cowboy who road into town to visit a saloon on the edge of town. The cowboy tied his horse to the hitching post in front of the bar. He then went inside to drink. The devil came by and saw the cowboy more

  • Giving

    Contributed on Nov 22, 2023

    I was raised in the church. My dad pastored 65 years. I graduated college and was married. We returned home for Christmas. We all gathered around the tree. I remembered my speedometer and God’s goodness. My wife and mom handed out the presents. Each family member had several gifts. In the more

  • Reveal Your True Colors

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2023

    TO SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS DATES BACK TO THE 1700s. Ships were required to fly flags at sea. These flags would identify where the ship was from and the type of cargo. PIRATES OFTEN HID THEIR REAL IDENTY BY FLYING FALSE FLAGS. By doing doing this the PIRATES WOULD DECEIVE OTHER SHIPS TO NOT RAISE more

  • Trouble? Joe Was Trouble...

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2023

    TROUBLE? JOE WAS TROUBLE! SOMEONE IS HURTING! I had taught school in Virginia several years. I was assistant principal. I often observed the kids in the younger classes and thought someday I will teach that child. There was a young boy named Joe. Joe was in the office pretty often in some kind more